Week 1 of the 21 Day Challenge: Added Sugar, Morning Movement, Mindful Moments

Halloween 🍭 Thanksgiving 🥧 Christmas 🍪 oh my... As the great Lady Gaga once said, "you're givin' me a million reasons" to fall off the healthy train for a full 90 days!? How can we combat that common holiday downward spiral? With a hyper-focused reset that's the complete opposite of all or nothing. If you caught my post... Continue Reading →

Whole30 Hacks: Day 4 of My Whole30 Journey

  Considering a Whole30? Wondering how the heck people get through this major nutritional reset?! In this video, I take you through Day 4 of my September Whole30 Journey. I've found it to be incredibly helpful to share Whole30 struggles, wins, fails, victories, frustrations, and knowledge gained so that we can all rock any elimination diet... Continue Reading →

Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe: The Best Non-Egg Whole30 Breakfast

You're avoiding carbs. You miss bread, crackers, rolls, chips, and so many other warm or crunchy things. If you're doing a Whole30, you can't even have paleo bread, or gluten free grains, or baked goods made with almond flour. Nope! Nada. But you want something whole. Something to help your satiety and make your brain... Continue Reading →

Perk Up with this Filling, Healthy, Coffee Smoothie Recipe!

Water: check. Smoothie: check. Coffee: check. How many beverages do you carry around with you every morning? Lunch tote overflowing? Car cup holders can't handle your dranks? What if you combined at LEAST two of those bevs together two kill 2 birds with one ... concoction? Enter the coffee smoothie. It's smooth. It's delicious. It's... Continue Reading →


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