Get Back in Shape with the 90-Day Total Wellness Private Coaching Program

Get Back in Shape with the 90-Day Total Wellness Private Coaching Program. This is Your Quarantine Comeback!

A 90-Day Accelerator Coaching Program to Help you get Back in shape – both body & mind! This is your quarantine comeback!

What exactly is Total Wellness Private Coaching?  

Total Wellness Private Coaching is your invitation to join me on a journey of taking the concepts of mindful living, nutrition, eating habits, and exercise off of your phone and into the real world as we create your healthiest mind & body in real time. The SMART & MAINTAINABLE way to get back in shape is from the INSIDE OUT – not the outside in!

Together, in a one-on-one coaching environment, I’ll teach you how to confidently create & consistently show up for a Total Wellness Lifestyle based on your personality, schedule, and goals.

If you’re like most quarantined health seekers, you’ve been down on yourself for not keeping up consistent healthy habits. You’ve been snacking more, exercising less, boozing more, meditating less. You’re feeling softer, even more bloated, and a bit fearful to open your summer drawer of shorts, tank tops & swimsuits.

I can feel your frustration from here. I’ve been there. I’ve put in the decades of trial, error, losses, gains, tears, and fears. And now? Not only do I have my Work-Life-Wellness Balance System on lock, I’m also CERTIFIED to help you build the body & mind you desire so deeply from the INSIDE OUT!

If you want to get your BODY back in shape, the first step is getting your MIND back in shape.

And that’s exactly what the WholeHardy Health, LLC proven Inside Out Wellness Method does.

This is where we leave your fear of trying on swimsuits & shorts in the dust, and you confidently wear everything you have in your closet.

  • No more hiding what you eat.
  • No more covering up your beautiful self with oversized pants & tops.
  • No more skipping parties because you’re not comfortable in your own skin.
  • No more avoiding exercise because you’re not as fit as you once were.
  • No more putting yourself down for not being able to stick to what you said you’d do.

It’s time to confidently OWN your most game-changing habits with Food, Fitness, and Focus.

Imagine looking at your beautiful self in the mirror and COMPLIMENTING what you see! Imagine your FRIENDS complimenting your calming presence, your strong arms, your basic yet put-together outfits, your POSITIVE ENERGY. All thanks to the joy & consistency you bring to your custom-designed Total Wellness Lifestyle.

Total Wellness Private Coaching is Application Only. APPLY HERE after reviewing the program details below.

What’s the Investment?

To get similar results, it would cost nearly $1,000 a week to meet one-on-one with a nutritionist AND a personal trainer AND a meditation facilitator. Not to mention the TIME you’d have to dedicate to visiting with all of these various practitioners. 

Think of the thousands of dollars you’ve already spent on fitness packages you didn’t complete. Meal plans you didn’t follow. Meditation apps you only used once. 

Having been in Quarantine for nearly 2 months now, you’re likely itching to get back into action, and get back in shape! You want to start feeling more sleek, energized, toned, calm, and confident. During these challenges time we’re going through, I’m offering a Quarantine Comeback Discount on Total Wellness Private Coaching. 

Instead of $1,047, your investment to join the 90-Day Accelerated Total Wellness Private Coaching Program is only $797.

There are only 5 spots available. And the deadline to submit your application is FRIDAY, MAY 8 at 11:59pm ET. Start your application HERE.

Get in Shape with the 90-Day Accelerator "Total Wellness Private Coaching Program" to Create a Healthier Mind So You Can Build Your Healthiest Body!

tell me some client Transformation Stories!

Since earning my certification in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change from Duke Health in 2018, here’s what some of my most successful private clients have to say about their Total Wellness Coaching experience:

  • “I was feeling very discouraged about my ability to achieve any of my wellness goals, so I decided to give Katie  a try. It was exactly what I needed to finally be consistent and make progress toward my health and fitness goals. Katie really helped me see how a negative mindset was undermining my progress and helped me form a more positive one around my vision of health. Her consistent support has helped me to make lasting change. — Lauren S., Private Client
  • “I can’t begin to describe how amazing Katie is. I approached her in a very dark and anxiety ridden moment in my life. I felt so lost, unmotivated, and unsure of how to handle it. Fast forward to now and I feel like a different person. She helped me organize and refocus my goals and then helped create a plan to put me on a path to accomplishing them. She is a master at her craft and she brought me back to life.”  — Anna F., Private Client

  • “I honestly feel like a new person since we’ve begun all of this. I feel more organized, I feel like I have control of my schedule and I’ve been able to make time for the things and people that I love, which has made me feel less guilty about the time that I spend focusing on work.” — Private Client C

  • “I was crying as I typed a message reaching out to Katie this fall. I was done with hiding from it all. Hiding what I ate from my husband, hiding snacks from my kids that I wanted only for myself, hiding in pictures, hiding purchases from again my husband, and hiding from myself. In just 9 weeks working with Katie one-on-one, I can honestly say I look & feel like the best version of myself I’ve truly ever been. I’m lighter, stronger, calmer, happier, and all around more confident. And just like Katie says, it happened from the inside out. Don’t waste decades of time and tears on the wrong methods. Find yourself now with WholeHardy.”  — Kristin J., Private Client

Are you ready to be the next success story (can I get a heck yeah)?!

The exciting Total Wellness Private Coaching Experience Details: 

  1. A 90-Day Intensive Coaching Experience!
    Join me on an intimate journey as we transform your mind & body over the next 90 days. Get back in shape with your own Quarantine Comeback!

  2. 10 Private Total Wellness Sessions!
    Weekly one-on-one sessions to not only get the core of your BIGGEST challenges in Food, Fitness, and Focus, but also build a SYSTEM for you to consistently overcome those mental & physical obstacles that seem to ALWAYS halt your progress!

  3. Weekly Accountability & Motivation Texts!
    Personal, customized, instant support when you need it most from someone who CARES and genuinely WANTS you to succeed in getting in shape both inside & out!

  4. Duke Proprietary Personal Health Assessment
    Discover EXACTLY where you need to start to make the BIGGEST impact on your health!

  5. Transformation through the Inside Out Wellness Method based on the proven M.I.N.D. Model Framework
    No more trial, error, and feel like a failure. This is a proven system that WORKS!

  6. BONUS: FREE Eating Habits Mastery Course
    Stop stressing over WHAT you should eat. Start transforming WHY and HOW you eat.

  7. BONUS: Recaps of Your Private Sessions
    Watch your growth in real time! While you will have a dedicated journal for our sessions, you’ll also receive an overview of what we discussed so you can REMEMBER what worked for you. 
Get in Shape with the 90-Day Accelerator "Total Wellness Private Coaching Program" to Create a Healthier Mind So You Can Build Your Healthiest Body!

I Want to get back in shape (… like yesterday)! How Do We Start?!

Your mind & body are about to look a whole lot healthier in the next 90 days!

Total Wellness Private Coaching is an exclusive, intimate coaching experience for those who are looking to take their mind & body to the next level during the next 3 months (starting May 11). And it is for that reason, Total Wellness Private Coaching is Application-Only.

I will only accept those who I know will dramatically benefit from this experience. If I don’t believe Total Wellness Private Coaching will help you, I won’t take your money. Plain and simple. 

To apply now, simply answer the questions in the private survey linked below by Friday, May 8 at 11:59pm ET (note: no late applications will be considered).


Cheers to your healthier mind for your healthiest body,

Katie Hardy,
Founder, Inside Out Wellness Method 

PS: Working from home right now with the rest of the world? Take the first few steps to FEEL GOOD AGAIN with these 5 Healthy Work-From-Home Hacks You’re Probably Not Doing.

Get Back in Shape with the 90-Day Accelerator Coaching Program to Help you Create a Healthier Mind to Build Your Healthiest Body Ever!

Katie Hardy is the CEO & Founder of the digital, integrative wellness practice WholeHardy Health, LLC. Certified by Duke Health in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change, Hardy teaches working women how to build & rock a Total Wellness Lifestyle based on their personality, schedule, and goals so they can love their bodies WHILE getting healthy, not WHEN they’re healthy. Connect about Mind & Body Wellness programs & speaking opportunities at

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