Avoid These 2 Wellness Mindset Mistakes

If you want a healthier body, you absolutely must start with a healthier mind.

Two of the biggest mistakes in achieving body confidence are clear:

  1. Holding onto an old belief system
  2. Thinking more effort = more results

Hence, the consequence of relying on your old set of beliefs is NOT EVOLVING. You’ll end up staying stuck right where you are right now. Same limiting thought patterns, frustrated feelings, unaligned behaviors, and results.

What’s more, the consequence of believing that working HARDER is the only way you’ll get the health results you desire is overwhelm, burnout, and CONTINUED DISCOURAGEMENT.

So what’s the right path to body confidence & all-around happiness?

So how is it that some full-time working, momming, home-schooling women are able to build HEALTHIER beliefs? And spend FEWER hours exercising & meal prepping? And finally ACHIEVE their desired state of mental & physical wellness? Whether it’s body confidence, or all around happiness?

The clear answer and most MAINTAINABLE way to achieve YOUR health goals is by working from the INSIDE OUT, not the outside in.

Inner Work Wellness is a PROVEN model that when followed correctly teaches you how to finally maintain that initial motivation & momentum in your wellness work. Spend MORE time on important things in your life (like family, me-time, hobbies, work). Spend LESS time over-analyzing how to eat, exercise and meditate.

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The Wellness By Design Program Teaches Inner Work Wellness

The spring cohort for the online transformation program Wellness By Design starts Monday, April 13. These women will be taken through the exact steps to confidently build & consistently rock a Whole-Person Wellness lifestyle based on THEIR unique personality, schedule, and goals.

If you want join the lucky ladies who got in BEFORE the program start date of Monday, April 13 and BEFORE the price increase for the next release, join and grow with us here โ€”> https://bit.ly/WBDspring

Furthermore – if you’re REALLY craving more one-on-one, face-to-face wellness mindset coaching, email me at hello@wholehardy.com. I’ll send you the link to the 6 and 12 session private transformation packages. 

Finally, if you’re working from home and are seeking some Healthy Work-from-Home Health Hacks, grab your free Healthy WFH Handbook here.

See you soon ๐Ÿ’š

Katie Hardy

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Katie Hardy is the CEO & Founder of the Inner Work Wellness Practice, WholeHardy Health, LLC. Certified by Duke Health in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change, Hardy teaches momentum-seeking working women how to love their bodies WHILE getting healthy, not WHEN they’re healthy. Confidently build & consistently show up for a Whole-Person Wellness Lifestyle based on your personality, schedule and goals – without feeling like a failure.

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