5 Healthy Work from Home Hacks You’re Probably Not Doing

Quarantined to your home for the next few weeks? Worried that your spring wellness plans are ruined with sitting & snacking all day? Take responsibility and do these 5 things to have a healthy work from home experience.

You can also download your FREE Healthy Work-from-Home Handbook to have on hand.

What could be possible for you if you didn’t throw in the towel on your health goals this season due to weather, sicknesses, even global pandemics? Stick to these 5 healthy work from home hacks you’re probably not doing and you’ll soon find out.

(1) Write What *TIME* You’ll Eat Each Day

  • CURRENT HABIT: Your continued focus on WHAT you eat is leaving you eating too often, which does NOT allow your body time process & digest what you keep giving it.
  • BETTER IDEA: Resist pacifying boredom, procrastination or stress with constant snacking.
  • HACK: Writing the TIMES you’ll eat each day will remind you that, well, that you just ate 45 minutes ago!
  • RESOURCE: Check out this article on why science suggests spreading meals 6 hours apart is optimal for fat burn & weight loss.

(2) Pick One Day to *NOT* Exercise

  • CURRENT HABIT: You know it … I know it … If you’re avoiding germs at the gym, or your local studio is closed, you gotta get movement in somewhere else.
  • BETTER IDEA: Movement will keep your energy & brain power LIT!
  • HACK: Instead of your typical mental note of which days you CAN workout, pick the one day you WON’T workout each week. This will get you moving on the daily.
    • NOTE: It doesn’t need to be al all-out sweat-sesh each day. Alternate easy days (like yoga, walking, bike ride) with more intense days (like HIIT, strength, jogging)
  • RESOURCE: Download a fitness app or check YouTube for endless at-home options. Here are my favorite free videos from Tone It Up.

Links to all resources in this post are listed in the FREE Healthy Work-from-Home Handbook. Your definitive guide to staying well while working remote.

(3) Stock Up On *FROZEN* Vegetables & IMMUNITY Herbs

  • CURRENT HABIT: Just because you don’t have fresh veggies or fruits doesn’t mean you get to eat sweet potato chips & hummus all day.
  • BETTER IDEA: While frozen produce does lose a bit of nutrients in the freezing process, it’s still produce! 
  • HACK: Get a bag of stir fry veggies to whip up ANY time. Frozen spinach can be added to literally ANYTHING. And have you JOINED the cauliflower gnocchi cult??
    • NOTE: Be sure to pick up these immune boosting foods –> Ginger, Garlic, Mushroom, Citrus Fruits, Red Bell Pepper, Spinach, Broccoli, Yogurt, Almonds, Kiwi.

(4) Send & Receive Messages with your *MIND* (not your phone)

  • CURRENT HABIT: Stop working on your wellness from the outside in. To be both physically AND mentally healthy, you must work from the INSIDE OUT!
  • BETTER IDEA: The WholeHardy Health M.I.N.D. Model is all about the INNER WORK. This can be as universal, spiritual, woo-woo, or religious as you want it to be.
  • HACK: Don’t find time, MAKE time over the next few weeks to ask for guidance, then listen & watch for responses during times of uncertainty.
  • RESOURCE: Learn the difference between Meditation & Mindfulness in the article linked here.

(5) *Breaks* BOOST Brain Power


(6) Mix Up *WHERE* You Work Each Day

  • CURRENT HABIT: Working in the same spot day-in & day-out (even when NOT working from home) can be such a DRAG.
  • BETTER IDEA: Mixing up where you work keeps you moving AND brings in fresh inspiration.
  • HACK: Desk in the morning; kitchen table in the afternoon? Office on Monday; coffee shop on Tuesday?
  • RESOURCE: If you’re looking to create more balance in your wellness world but don’t know where to start, start with the Inner Boss, Outer Balance Mini Training & Planning Guide. This free training & planning guide teaches you how to channel the confidence & consistency from your WORK into your HEALTH so you can ignite & maintain momentum in your LIFE.

Which one of these healthy work from home tricks HAVEN’T you tried?

  • Do you think about how many TIMES you eat each day?
  • Are you exercising MOST days of the week instead of SOME days of the week?
  • Do you use the excuse of no fresh produce means no produce at all?
  • Are you letting uncertainty create anxiety?
  • Do you drain energy & inspiration with no breaks?

Don’t forget to download your Healthy Work-from-Home Handbook to keep on hand during these uncertain times of working remote!

Let us know which healthy work from home trick you’ll try when you’re away from the office! Comment here or on Instagram or Facebook @Wholehardy.

Stay Healthy My Friend,

Katie Hardy is the CEO & Founder of the digital, integrative wellness practice WholeHardy Health, LLC. Certified by Duke Health in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change, Hardy teaches working women how to build & rock a Whole-Person Wellness Lifestyle based on their personality, schedule, and goals so they can love their bodies WHILE getting healthy, not WHEN they’re healthy. Connect about programs & speaking opportunities at hello@wholehardy.com

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