28-Day Holiday Wellness Action Plan

Take control of your Holiday Wellness Routine!

Use the 28 days between Halloween & Thanksgiving this year to take small, daily action in radically improving your Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness and Relationships so that you look, feel and think your very best this holiday season & into the new decade!

The scenario is all too common … October arrives with all of its pumpkin spice glory, our calendar gets loaded with too many plans to keep a consistent workout routine, and we find ourselves eating candy two weeks before Halloween and still into the first week of November.

If you want to look, feel and think your very best this holiday season, the time to start your improvements is NOW. Where do you start? With the 28-Day Holiday Wellness Action Plan.

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4 Weeks. 4 Wellness Pillars. Small Daily Action. Total Holiday Wellness.

For 4 weeks starting Nov. 1, 2019, you’ll get Whole-Person Wellness tips, tricks and tactics across 4 Pillars of Wellness to DITCH the bloated, low energy, stressed out feelings and ADOPT new, powerful, total wellness habits that can truly transform your life from the inside out.

Holiday Wellness schedule: 

  • Week 1: FOOD
  • Week 2: FITNESS
  • Week 3: FOCUS
  • Week 4: FRIENDS & FAMILY

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • One downloadable calendar with each day’s Daily Action
  • One email a week with that week’s Action Plan
  • Daily Facebook Group post reminding you of that day’s Daily Action
  • Weekly video digging into the topic of that week: what it is, why it’s important, how to crush it.

If you’re ready to clean up your October habits to stride into the holidays all clean, calm, confident, cut and caring >>> this free 28-Day Total Wellness Action Plan is for YOU!

Want a healthy, warm and cozy recipe in the meantime? Check out this Whole30 Approved, husband approved Moroccan Chicken Stew!

Sign up for the Holiday Wellness Plan today to receive your downloadable Daily Wellness Action Calendar!

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