Avoid These 2 Wellness Mindset Mistakes

If you want a healthier body, you absolutely must start with a healthier mind. Two of the biggest mistakes in achieving body confidence are clear: Holding onto an old belief system Thinking more effort = more results Hence, the consequence of relying on your old set of beliefs is NOT EVOLVING. You’ll end up stayingContinue reading “Avoid These 2 Wellness Mindset Mistakes”

28-Day Holiday Wellness Action Plan

Take control of your Holiday Wellness Routine! Use the 28 days between Halloween & Thanksgiving this year to take small, daily action in radically improving your Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness and Relationships so that you look, feel and think your very best this holiday season & into the new decade! The scenario is all too commonContinue reading “28-Day Holiday Wellness Action Plan”

Transform Your Eating Habits in 90 Days

Ditch the Food Drama & Transform Your Eating Habits With The Tating Habits Mastery Program Four years ago, I had no idea how much my mindless eating habits were impacting my health, my weight, my skin, my confidence. I heard you could transform your eating habits, but I thought what I was already doing was right.Continue reading “Transform Your Eating Habits in 90 Days”