Transform Your Eating Habits in 90 Days

Ditch the Food Drama & Transform Your Eating Habits With The Tating Habits Mastery Program

Four years ago, I had no idea how much my mindless eating habits were impacting my health, my weight, my skin, my confidence. I heard you could transform your eating habits, but I thought what I was already doing was right.
I felt super informed & knowledgable on all things nutrition. I’d read up on all the wellness info. I’d purchase all the latest fitness & nutrition programs. I’d try all the workouts trends.

But then one day, I decided to stop looking at all those leaders…and become one myself.

A confused mind says no to habit change.

At the time, I was struggling with creating unrealistic nutrition & fitness rules for myself and beating myself up for not following them to a T, eating out of stress or annoyance, giving up and re-committing to start over on Monday, yet continuing the same cycle all over again.

I felt trapped. Like I wouldn’t be able to live the naturally healthy life I so desperately wanted. That I’d always start a new eating plan on a Monday and ditch it by Thursday. That I’d never reach my ultimate health goals. But then things changed…

I changed my ENTIRE perspective around eating, and found my stride.

And I developed my own, powerful techniques to get the naturally healthy, vibrant life I wanted.

transform you eating habits healthy eating habits fall health and wellness
The Eating Habits Mastery Program is your 90-day solution to decades of yo-yo eating habits. STOP obsessing over WHAT you’re eating and START by focusing on WHY & HOW you’re eating.

only you know your deepest habits

Creating this method has helped me in numerous ways, like being able to know exactly WHAT I want for my current & long-term health, WHY I want it, WHY I didn’t have it, and HOW to get it while still eating the foods I love and NOT feeling like a deprived, hangry victim.

But I didn’t want to keep this knowledge inside. I wanted others to have this same feeling. To know that they, too, can make big strides towards their healthiest selves with a positive mindset, and without feeling like getting healthy was a chore. You can transform your eating habits, you just need to come at it with a different perspective.

So, I created the transformational 90-Day Eating Habits Mastery Program, and it’s officially open for enrollment! 

what is the eating habits mastery program

The 90-Day Eating Habits Mastery Program is a system that: 

  • Gets you crystal clear on the exact eating habits you never knew were holding you back from the thriving body & vibrant mind you want for yourself. 
  • Teaches you precisely how to use the power of your mind to breakthrough & overcome those habits so you can instead eat & drink in alignment with your goals. 
  • Propels you forward with confidence & consistency so you can get the results you want based on your personality, schedule and personal vision of health.

We all start this 90-day program together on Monday, Sept. 16! Grab all the details of this life-transforming program right here.

You have until Friday, Sept. 13 to enroll – but if you want a free, private eating habits session with a Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, you must snag that early bird bonus by Wednesday, Sept, 11.

how to transform your eating habits

For now, I want you to take a moment to think about something that’s been holding you back — maybe you’re deciding among a few different health programs this season, or maybe you’re not sure you can really commit to cleaning up your eating habits.

Then, imagine what it would feel like to bust the ceiling on those limitations and finally achieve that naturally healthy lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of where you can eat the foods you love and still feel your best!

Remember – what got you here won’t get you there. If you’re ready to acquire new skills, strategies and mindset shifts to finally achieve the body & mind you’ve been working on for years, the Eating Habits Mastery Program will get THERE. It’s time to transform your eating habits the SUSTAINABLE way, for the long-term.

Read up on the program and join us here.

transform you eating habits healthy eating habits fall health and wellness
It time to STOP forcing new eating trends and START getting real about WHY & HOW you’re eating. Join us for the 90-Day Eating Habits Mastery Program starting Monday, Sept. 16.


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WholeHardy Integrative Health Coaching includes Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness, Personal Development, Sleep, Stress Management, Spirituality.
Katie Hardy is the owner of the mindset-based wellness practice WholeHardy Health, LLC, and founder of the Wellness By Design and Eating Habits Mastery transformation programs. Certified by Duke Health in Integrative Wellness, Hardy teaches women how to show up for their health & wellbeing confidently & consistently so they can thrive in a healthy balanced life by their design – without the stress & guilt. Contact Katie here.

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