Boy mom of two, wife of a loyal Cleveland Browns fan, and lover of all things that make people feel awesome & live better.

I’m certified by Duke Health in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change. Before I became an expert in slaying action killers, I embarked on countless health expeditions on my journey to ultimate wellness.

Here’s what I’ve come to know about wellness:

The Old Way: Mass-made diets. Because they don’t know you or care about you.

These one-program-fits-all methods are made for the masses and don’t consider how two different people can approach the same plan in two very different ways and get two very different results.

I know this because not have only have been coaching health seekers for five years, I’ve also been experimenting with & researching nutrition & fitness solutions for more than 30 years, and have lived through all of the trial & error for you.

The better way: You can evolve from Disappointed Dieter to Consistency Queen/King with Personality-based Wellness.

By using a combination of bio-individuality and the nine personality types of the Enneagram, you’ll learn the inherent motivations behind your health behaviors + and exactly which foods & drinks help & hurt your body & brain. Start confidently building & consistently showing up for your Personal Wellness Strategy—based on your unique design.

Wellness isn’t all or nothing. It’s all your edits. And you need to define which specific edits work best for your unique personality, goals, and digestive system.

– Katie Hardy, CEO & Founder of WholeHardy Health, LLC

The Method

The proprietary M.I.N.D. Model behind the Enneagram-based wellness method propels your health transformation forward with positive momentum so you can get well & stay well from the inside out. This goes BEYOND the typical health programs that only cover nutrition & fitness.

This personalized, custom solution is the only method to successfully thrive in a work-life-wellness balance by YOUR design – without the stress & guilt. 

Unlike health programs that require strict plans or routines, WholeHardy Health LLC teaches you how to build your own wellness lifestyle based on your unique qualities & desires.

How is this done? 4 simple steps?

  1. Motivate: Discover Self-Awareness
  2. Initiate: Activate Self-Compassion
  3. Negotiate: Begin Self-Growth
  4. Dominate: Acknowledge Self-Worth

Tap services in the menu to see how Private Coaching, Wellness by Design Online or Eating Habits Mastery programs will transform your beliefs, emotions, actions, and results around your ability to thrive in health.

I started WholeHardy Health, LLC, an Integrative Wellness Practice, to help high-achieving working women get clear on their visions, values, and goals and FINALLY stick to their actions so they can stop feeling discouraged and start seeing results.

Let’s. Freaking. Go.

Katie Hardy is the owner of the Personality-based wellness practice WholeHardy Health, LLC and founder of Wellness By Design, Eating Habits Mastery, and TripleFit.

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