Hey there! I’m Katie Hardy.

I’m a mom, wife, integrative health coach and fitness instructor with a boatload of empathy. Obsessed with: Beau & Mack, Health & Wellness, Books & Leggings. I’ve been Polly Positive since 1981. Read on for the rest!


I’m all about GOALS, ya’ll. Defining them, tracking them, achieving them, then setting new ones to crush all over again.

Here’s what you’ll find on each tab at WholeHardy.com:

  • COACHING: Health-seeking sisters – click to this tab to learn how we can work together to create consistent, sustainable, healthy habits for your to slim down, gain strength, and boost energy!
  • BLOG: My latest & greatest articles, written with YOU entirely in mind.
  • GET HEALTHIER: Get ALL of these invaluable nutrition, fitness, wellness and overall health tips straight to your inbox. Sign up and never miss a post!
  • CONTACT: Wanna work together? AWESOME. Have a question? Fire away!

I truly hope you gain valuable, practical, real-life insights from the info & encouragement I put out. That’s what I’m here for! For you, for your family, for your business, for the world.

Keepin’ it fresh & full of zest,

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