Hey hey! I’m Katie Hardy

I’m a mom of 2 boys, wife of a kind hearted soul, Duke Trained Integrative Health Coach, and certified fitness instructor for moms. Before I became an expert in slaying motivation killers, I embarked on countless health expeditions on my journey to ultimate wellness.

  • Latest nutrition & fitness programs: Purchased
  • Quest with a Monday start date: Mapped out
  • Motivation level on Sunday: Super Girl
  • Motivation level by Thursday: Nil

Not only was I sick & tired of spending all this money, not fully completing a program, and never getting the results I desired, I was also embarrassed. I’d tell my mom I was DONE with ice cream! Only to eat it again 4 days later. Something had to give. Why was I so committed, sword in hand, charging forward ready to conquer my personal war for optimal health at the beginning, only to be completely defeated by the Discouragement Dragon one battle in?

After decades of self study, years of experimentation, and months of professional training & hands on coaching, I found out why.


The villain in this story, and many stories like it, is our Action Killer.

It’s the dark shadow in your mind telling you that by gaining 0.2 pounds in 5 days rather than losing 5 pounds in 2 days, you’re a failure and you should end your quest for health. That because you don’t “feel like” exercising you might as well surrender by eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the pantry while catching up on the latest Bachelor drama.

It’s this villain, this motivation robber, that you need to defeat so YOU can become the Action Hero and continuously show up for yourself with consistent, sustainable healthy actions to get healthy, feel happy, and be the super woman role model your family deserves.

So, how do you defeat your Discouragement Dragon? As any true Action Hero would in these 7 simple steps:

  1. Choose your Guide (that’s me!)
  2. Determine your Destination (what’s your health vision)
  3. Map your Adventure (where are we starting & ending)
  4. Declare War (claim the goal)
  5. Prepare for Battle (state your actions)
  6. March Forward (take action & stay accountable)
  7. Conquer (Action Killer slayed, Super Girl status earned)

Though every battle may not be won, you win the war with the support of your guide: keeping your vision clear, your values near, and your mind without fear.

Ready for action? Choose how you want to start!

  • Check out my blog for dozens of strategies on goal setting, meal prepping, sugar nixing, mindfulness practicing, and more.
  • Read this post on what Integrative Health Coaching is and isn’t.
  • Contact me here to schedule your free discovery session, which can be via Skype, FaceTime or in-person.

I started WholeHardy Health, LLC, an Integrative Health Coaching Practice, to help moms get clear on their visions, values, and goals and FINALLY stick to their actions so they can stop feeling discouraged and start seeing results.

If you’re ready to take on your motivation villain, I’m ready to guide you through the trenches in slaying all discouragement and finally taking control of your kingdom of health.

Go forth and prosper,

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Katie Hardy is a Professional Integrative Health & Wellness Coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine. Hardy is the owner of WholeHardy Health, LLC and creator of the Persistent Healthy Habits Program, for women who want to successfully implement consistent healthy habits to reach their health goals, and maintain their new habits & results ongoing without feeling like a deprived, restricted failure. Move from diet slave to confident babe.

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