5 Ways the WholeHardy Persistent Healthy Habits Program Works


Hey Health Seeker,

How many times have you started a new diet or fitness program only to lose steam a few weeks (or days) in?

How hard is it to maintain the new healthy habits you started or keep the initial quick-fix results?

It’s all too common, and uncomfortably self-defeating. You imagine yourself at your healthiest. Radiant, positive, clean and strong. You purchase that new plan, start on Monday, but with every attempt, something stops you from fully committing, and you never get the results you want. And you’re left in the dust feeling ashamed. Again.

What the heck, right?!


I’ve been there. Countless times. And to spare you the decades of self study, years of experimentation, and months of professional training & hands-on coaching that I now have under my belt, I’ll instead let you in on a big secret that’s not so secretive anymore…

Partnering with a professional to get what you want out of life is becoming more mainstream due to clients’ high success rates.


According to studies by Duke Integrative Medicine, clients who met regularly with health & wellness coaches were more likely to achieve their goals than people who did not meet regularly with a health & wellness coach (I think that’s pretty obvious, right?)

It’s the proven methods, the partnering, the connecting goals & actions to visions & values, the accountability & support of health & wellness coaching that genuinely set you up for success when you partner with a coach.


Here are 5 things you need to know about the WholeHardy Persistent Healthy Habits Program (PHHP):

  1. It’s 100% confidential: I never discuss with ANYONE the details of our sessions, or that you’re even a client, because I would want the same for myself. If I see you at a wedding, reunion, or the local Trader Joe’s, no words are spoken about our partnership. It’s like our own secret club.
  2. You call the shots: You choose what your own personal vision of health is. You choose whether you want to focus on nutrition, fitness, mindful awareness, emotions, etc. You choose which action steps work best for YOU to take each week.
  3. It’s called Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching because health & wellness is not just one thing, nor is it only 3 things. My clients’ goals span from losing weight, to wanting a healthy pregnancy, to becoming more grateful & appreciative of life, to dealing with emotional & mindless eating, to staying motivated to workout & eat healthy consistently, and much more, all with the foundational basis of seeking an overall healthier well-being.
  4. We meet via FaceTime, Skype or in-person: You don’t have to live in my hometown to work with me. You choose your path of a 6, 9, or 12 session Transformation Series. You choose whether you’d like to meet weekly or bi-weekly for our 45-60 minute sessions.
  5. It’s truly life changing: While a one-session meeting can open your eyes to what you want & what’s blocking you, it’s the consistent meeting with a professionally trained coach that not only puts you on a straight shot path towards your goals, but also teaches you how to MAINTAIN that state when you get there, plus create next-level goals. 



What’s included in the Persistent Healthy Habits Program (PHHP)?

  1. SESSIONS: 6, 9 or 12 weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions
  2. ASSESSMENT: Proprietary Health Assessment created by Duke Integrative Medicine to assess your strengths and challenges in Nine Areas of Health & Wellness on the Duke Wheel of Health
  3. GOAL: Clear Goal achievable in 3 to 6 months
  4. ACTIONS: Weekly Specific Action Steps (SAS) chosen by YOU
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY: Frequent Text & Email Check-ins throughout the week for accountability & support of your chosen Specific Action Steps
  6. EDUCATION: Weekly Email Lesson connected to & supporting your Clear Goal
  7. LASTING RESULTS:  You get the tactics required to confidently & contently your new healthy habits & results STICK

Here are your Transformative Coaching Options:

  • Transformation Series Options 
    • You choose from a 6, 9, or 12 week one-on-one Transformation Series
    • You choose whether we meet weekly or bi-weekly
    • You choose whether we meet via FaceTime, Skype or in-person
  • Group Coaching
    • Contact me if you and a small group of friends would like to benefit from a discounted price with Group Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching
    • Contact me to discuss my on-site Corporate Wellness Workshops




By going through the WholeHardy Persistent Healthy Habits Program, you will:

  • Gain insight into your current health behaviors and how those reflect what you want for your health.
  • Identify triggers for the behavior you want to change and create plans to avoid or neutralize those triggers.
  • Benefit from an ongoing partnership from a trained professional who GENUINELY wants you to win.
  • Strengthen your ability to learn from your actions and start again feeling confident & fully supported
  • Clearly see the unwavering connection points across your vision of personal health, your deep-rooted values, your specific goals and the action steps you take towards those goals.


My clients’ goals vary, but all center around living a healthier more positive lifestyle

My clients’ goals currently range from losing weight; to staying motivated to workout & eat healthy consistently during their chosen health plan (eg, Whole30, 21 Day Fix, Tone It Up); to having a healthy pregnancy; to practicing mindfulness; overcoming emotional eating; and much more. While focus areas & specific goals my differ, it’s the overarching desire to up-level their overall state of health & well-being.



Are you ready to make positive, healthy, life transforming changes in your life?? 

Start now by setting up a 100% free Coaching Call call today by clicking HERE. You’ll leave the free call with:

  1. A Distinct Vision of what you want for your health
  2. A Set Focus Area you’d like to start with
  3. A Clear Goal that you’d like to achieve in 3 to 6 months
  4. One to Two Specific Action Steps to get started on THAT DAY

If you’re ready to explore what you want for this one life you have, and burst through what’s been blocking you to get it, I’m fully ready to commit to you.

Questions? Contact me here or email me directly at

Let’s get you to exactly where you desire & deserve to be.

I Wholeheartedly Believe in You,
Coach Katie

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WholeHardy Integrative Health Coaching include: Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness, Personal Development, Sleep, Stress Management, Spirituality.
Katie Hardy is a Professional Integrative Health & Wellness Coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine. Hardy is the owner of WholeHardy Health, LLC and creator of the Persistent Healthy Habits Program, for women who want to successfully implement consistent healthy habits to reach their health goals, and maintain their new habits & results ongoing without feeling like a deprived, restricted failure. Move from diet slave to confident babe. 

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