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Imagine yourself, on the couch, scrolling through your phone, considering whether you feel like working out that day. You know you should sweat or pump some iron if getting more fit is one of your health goals. You kinda wanna workout, but you just don’t know what you’re feeling that day, or even where to start. You could go for a jog – but what if it’s raining? You could go to a group fitness class – but what if they don’t have a class scheduled during the times you need? You’ve got some old Taebo videos collecting dust, but you don’t remember really even enjoying those workouts…

Fear not fit-minded friend, I polled the unicorns of the Tone It Up Community and rounded up the best FREE fitness videos for you from TIU! All of these videos are FREE on and/or YouTube. I’ve divided ‘em up here in different fitness categories: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Total Body Workouts, Ab Routines, Arm Routines, Treadmill Workouts, Booty Workouts and two Kettlebell Workouts, which you can use 8 lb. to 12 lb. dumbbells for if you don’t have a weighted Kettlebell.

For the remaining workouts, start with the lowest weight that is most comfortable for YOU to keep clean form but still feel challenged, then work up from there. I’m at a point where I primarily use 8 lb. weights, but sometimes I do a drop-set and drop down to the 5s for certain moves using smaller muscle groups. You do whatever works for YOU, sister.

You can do all of these workouts in the comfort of your own home. And did I mention they are FREE?! Here we go:


I remember seeing 10-20 minute HIIT workouts back in 2010. I was all, “No thanks!” I thought I ALWAYS needed to workout for AT LEAST an hour a session! What could 10-20 minutes even do?! Oh girl, you’re about to find out …

  • Hiity Bitty Bikini: This Tone It Up HIIT workout is EPIC. Love it or hate it, this routine is legendary for its heart pumpin’ sweat drippin’ results.
  • K&K Slay: This is a great HIIT workout to add on to an Ab or Arm routine. Quick, effective, and FUN!
  • Bobby Call Hiit: If you’re familiar with Tone It Up, they refer to morning workouts as #TIUbootycalls, and I join in errry weekday morn. This one features Karena’s hubs, Bobby. With or without your boo, you’re gonna sweat during this workout.


I LOVE total body toning routines when I’ve either missed a couple days of workouts due to travel or feelin’ under the weather, or if I’ve been focusing on specific body parts and just need a full body tone up. Whatever your need, these complete workouts will tone you up from topknot to pedicure.

  • Total Body Tone Up: THIS. Let’s say you were out of town Friday through Sunday and didn’t get a chance to pump it up all weekend long. Do THIS workout first thing Monday morning to start your week off RIGHT!
  • Love Your Total Body Tone Up: So I WISH this was the longer version, but apparently that’s only on the Studio Tone It Up App (which I have, and highly recommend). But I LOVE this workout nonetheless, so do this free version twice to really feel the burn. 


If you’ve seen my @WholeHardy Instagram posts, you know that I do not have chiseled, 6-pack abs. And I’m completely ok with that! But if I DID want s’more ab definition – liiiike leading up to summer for example – I’d do myself a favor and add on these ab routines below 3 to 4 times a week after my workout that day:

  • 10-Minute Toned Abs: This is a #TIUgirl FAVE! Feel the burn, babe. Feel. The. Burn.
  • Ultimate Total Ab Burn: This is not a video (I wish it were!!) but a sheet to follow. My abs were sore for DAAAYS the first time I did this 3-round ab circuit, so I had to include it.


Lookin’ for some sculpted shoulders or triceps for your tanks or dresses – no matter the season? Add these arm routines onto your daily workouts 3 to 4 times a week and you’ll be flauntin’ those bi’s and tri’s all year long!


Sometimes I just don’t know what to do on the treadmill. Liiiiike, should I run the whole time? How many sprints should I add in? How fast? How long should I cool down between intervals? These treadmill routines take care of all a dat for ya, babe.

  • Fat Burning Treadmill Routine: Such a scorcher! I aim to run 2 to 3 times a week, and I admittedly need to include THIS particular routine into those runs rather than my usual jog!
  • Old School Cardio: Love this classic from Tone It Up. Again, I really need to follow this routine for more effective treadmill workouts!
  • BONUS! Turkey Trot: Need a quick 5k routine? Here ya go!


I do not own a kettlebell. And I don’t plan on buying one anytime soon! I have 8 lb. and 10 lb. weights that I use instead of a weighted kettlebell and I sweat just the same!

  • Kettle Booty: If you’re looking to be challenged, try this workout! It is a non-stop, full-body toner.
  • Bikini Kettlebell: Gitcher #beachvibes on here with this seaside kettlebell routine.


Full-on toned buns are IN! Fill those jeans out RIGHT with these peach pumpin’ routines fo dem glutes.

  • Bombshell Booty: So fun (have I mentioned too often that all these vids are fun!?) and this one features a surprise guest…
  • Yoga Booty: A nice yoga flow that hones in on your bodacious bum.
  • BONUS QUICKIE! Booty Barre: Y’all. You’re gonna be SHOCKED how these tiny moves are going to make that booty SCREAM! Lol!


Let’s try to include a yoga routine at least once a week in our weekly workout schedules, mmmk? Gosh, I just love yoga so much. It stretches us out, tones us up, and calms our minds all in one session.

  • Detox Yoga Flow: This one is surprisingly fast paced, and the twists help wring out the toxins you may have in your system.
  • Bikini Yoga: Another moving flow for those days you don’t want a crazy sweaty HIIT workout, but still want to move.


There you have it! All the fave free Tone It Up videos from #tiugirls around the world. Come back to this post whenever you want to get a quick workout in but aren’t sure which routine to choose! It’s all right here for ya, babe.

And stay tuned … you’ll be seeing some weekly workout schedule recommendations using these very workouts SOON!

Which workout are you gonna try today?

Happy Sweating,



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