Make this 1 Specific Mindset Shift to Stick to Your Health Goals

Ever feel like a victim when you’re trying to eat healthier? Use this one word to change the game.

Let’s say you made the decision to cut something out from your typical diet…

Gluten? Added sugar? Booze? Dairy? So many options when it comes down to what’s irritating you or bringing you down. Now, imagine that you’ve done a pretty good job for a few weeks. You’re proud of yourself, girl! But then, you’re at a Fourth of July party and your toddler brain is starting its tantrum …

Even though no one said you HAD to give up the food or drink, you decided to press pause on the potential culprit to up-level your health. Perhaps gluten was making you tired & bloated. Or booze was making you less productive the next day. Or sugar was giving you heartburn and unnecessary calories.
Whatever the case, you made the choice to give up the goods, but somehow, you starting feeling like the victim with your decision. Like someone else was forcing you to deprive yourself of something you typically enjoy. Your mind may be telling you something like this …

Why did I ever want to give up sweets?
Everyone else is enjoying sweets.
I just love sweets so much!
This is stupid. I’m going in!
[plates the brownie & cookie, goes back for seconds, adds a cupcake 🍫🍪🧁]

chocolate cupcake with white and red toppings
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Why This Happens

When we deem certain foods or drinks as “off limits” or “bad” or “not allowed” it can make us desire them IMMENSELY more than if we hadn’t cut them off at all. This in turn leaves us shoving them right back in our mouthes and consuming even MORE than we normally would have if we didn’t condemn it. Anyone relate?

The trick to not letting this happen anymore…?


Instead of feeling like a deprived victim, shift your perspective! Remind yourself that you’re choosing the healthier option (or no option at all) because you want to THRIVE in your life! You’re doing it for YOU! You made the decision to cut something out for a specific reason. You are in control!!

Deprive? The only thing you’ll be depriving yourself of is the regret you’d be feeling if you chose the crappy choice. amiright?

You’re not depriving yourself, you’re THRIVING yourself!!! 

I recorded a quick video on this concept for you to watch HERE.

I wanna hear from you! Comment below the video and let me know when you’ve chosen THRIVE over deprive. Was it tough? How did you feel after?

PS: Did you hear?

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  • Eating for productivity
  • Sticking to morning &/or evening routines
  • Training for races
  • Mindful healthy pregnancy
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Healthy travel
  • Taking control of dining out
  • Managing mindless snacking

The list goes on!! Sign up for a free Health & Wellness Breakthrough Call HERE to see if we’re a fit and leave with 2 clear action steps to start up-leveling your health immediately – whether we choose to work together or not. Chat then!

Katie Hardy is a Duke Certified Professional Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, Functional Nutrition Guide, wife, and mommy. As the owner of WholeHardy Health, LLC and founder of the Manage Mindless Eating Method, Hardy helps women reach their health goals in a sustainable way – with a positive mindset & without feeling deprived or hangry. Sign up for a free 30-minute Health & Wellness Breakthrough Call here.

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