4 Top Tips to Prep for a Healthy-ish July 4

Brownies and burgers and booze, oh my!

Of course July 4 should be FUN! But does FUN always have to involve way overdoing it on junk and feeling below par mentally & physically for the next 2 to 3 days?

…if that’s what fun is for you, that’s cool! you can skip this post 😉


You can have your brownie and eat your burger too, but if you’re workin on a specific health goal (slim down, tone up, de-bloat) then you don’t need me to tell you that you shouldn’t be going all out at every meal over the course of the entire holiday weekend. Truth? Truth.

“But I have 3 BBQ’s, 2 days off work, and a Rosé, White & Blue party to hit up!” So you say. And to that I say, “GO YOU!” Go on witcha big plan self and get after it! Never skip a social opp just because you’re trying to keep it clean. Being social is a key ingredient to enhance your overall health & wellbeing!

So what’s a wellness warrior to do then? I’m glad you asked. Here are the 4 Top Tips to Prepare for a Healthy-ish July 4 so you’re not feeling completely regretful when it’s all over.

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3 days before your July 4 parties

  • Arm Yourself First!
    • Before you even begin pulling your outfit options out of  your Target bag, hit up the grocery, stock your fridge & pantry with your healthy staples, and make a double batch of 3 meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    • That way, when you’re tempted to throw in the towel and make unhealthy choices all weekend long, you’ll have your fave healthy goods at the ready.
    • Here are some quick options:
      • Breakfast: Protein Pancakes
      • Lunch: Chicken sausage with mushrooms, broccoli and sweet potatoes
      • Dinner: Cauliflower stir fry

2 days before your July 4 parties

  • Share the Love!
    • Is your typical “what can I bring” solution is a jug of margarita mix, a bag of Funions, or a box of mini-cupcakes? Honey, let the peeps without the health goals bring the garbage!
    • You KNOW it’s gonna be there, so bring some healthy options to fall back on so you can actually enjoy the party with your body & brain functioning relatively in check and not in total inflammation mode!
    • Here are some quick options:
      • Appetizer: Super-colorful veggies & a super-fun hummus flavor
      • Side: Fresh slaw! Grab a bag of pre-made slaw and mix it with a fun vinaigrette & chopped nuts! Bonus points if you add sliced avocado… 😉
      • Dessert: Frozen grapes & dark chocolate! Get mini cups and put a square or two of dark chocolate (or dark chocolate chips) on the bottom and a few frozen grapes on top!


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1 day before 
your July 4 parties

  • Write it out! 
    • You’ve heard of manifesting, right? Well how about a little love your nation manifestation! [corny? nah ;-)]
    • The day before your sparkling cookouts, write out your goals for each, but go beyond just your ideal plan of eating & drinking …
    • Here are some quick options:
      • What version of yourself do you want to be at your parties?
      • How do you want to communicate there?
      • How do you want to feel that day/night?
      • How do you want to feel the next morning/day?
      • What foods & drinks are you excited to try a little of? How much?
      • What will you bring to share?
      • How much will you drink?


The Day of your July 4 parties

  • Have YOUR version of fun! 
    • Was the old version of you only there for the booze? What’s more meaningful to you today – filling your cup with vino, or filling it with love? The correct answer is both … ha! But seriously, YOU get to choose your version of fun!
    • Follow your plan from the first three tips. You took the time to prepare over the past few days. Now, it’s time review those steps and put them in action!
    • Here awesome quick options:
      • Start your day off right: Enjoy your meal-prepped breakfast before temptation arises!
      • Evening outing: Then you got your healthy lunch prepped too! Don’t starve yourself to “save room” for all the goods. That will only backfire, causing you to eat off the rails with less opportunity to socialize and left feeling utterly blah.
      • In a rush: Still commit to bringing a healthy dish to share & enjoy yourself! Better to show up a little late with a plate full of love than to show up empty handed or with a box or bag of something you obvi picked up on the way.
      • Review your plan: Remember the questions you answered for yourself in Tip 3? It is CRITICAL to re-read your responses the day of your parties! This will help remind you who you want to be, how you want to think/feel/act, and what you want to eat & drink! Stay the course of YOU.


What choo bringing to the party? Share the July 4 recipes you’ll be whipping up with us HERE

Stay Tuned!

Next week, we’re getting into how to reboot from overdoing it at your July 4 parties. The goal is to follow the Top 4 Tips listed above. Whether you veered off your plan, or followed it but would still like a healthy reset, you’re not gonna want to miss these 4 Top Tips

(…and ya know I’ll be posting a top secret 5th Tip in the free HAPPIFY Your Health wellness hub for this topic too…!!)


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