6 Ways to Get FREE Game-Changing Wellness Wisdom

So you want to feel great… so you’re trying to eat healthy. You heard “everything in moderation.” So you tried that… But your results haven’t changed much, if at all…

Sound familiar?

I get it. I’ve been there. My girls have been there. And for the most part, we’ve seen that in order to cross the threshold of FINALLY seeing positive changes that actually stick … we need to be reminded, like, a lot.

  • We need to be reminded that we said we WANT to boost our energy to be more productive at work.
  • We need to be reminded that we WANT to feel kickass this summer, and that shedding the sludge from last Christmas could help with that.
  • We need to be reminded that we are WORTH every effort we put into ourselves.
  • And we need to be reminded that with consistent, positive effort comes lasting positive change.

But how can you be reminded, guided & supported without working with me 1:1 as a coaching client? How can you be motivated without being part of my group coaching program? Oh honey, soooo many ways! And we’re gonna start today by listing 6 of the most impactful.

Why do I give out all these health & wellness goods fo free? Because I simply can’t help it. It’s who I am. It’s what I’m obsessed with. It’s what I consume. It’s what I’m trained & educated in. And most important, it’s my mission on Earth to help you THRIVE in this one life you have to live. And this is a fun way to do it!
So here we go. The top 6 ways to consistently get free knowledge, motivation, action steps & support from yours truly … 💚


1. HAPPIFY Your Health Facebook Tribe:

  • Your daily wellness hub where I post impactful articles, videos, podcasts, recipes, challenges and more!
  • And the BEST part? It’s a safe health haven where YOU can post & share your thoughts, wins, struggles, recipes, workouts, etc. to motivate the group & get that motivation right back atcha.
  • Join this free tribe HERE!
Copy of WH Facebook Group-2
Join the free HAPPIFY Your Health wellness hub to feel safe, informed, and at home with your version of wellness.


2. Monday Blog Post at WholeHardy.com

  • Every Monday (and sometimes other sneak attack days!) I’m serving up fresh, simple, motivating and effective health & wellness knowledge at WholeHardy.com!
  • This week, check out the 4 Top Tips to Prep for a Healthy-ish July 4 right here! I’m all about mindset, y’all. So I always go beyond the food & drink to dig deeper into your thoughts, feelings, actions and motivations…
July 4 tips-2
Check out all the free articles on goal setting, goal crushing, yummy healthy easy recipes, mastering mindset and SO MUCH MORE at WholeHardy.com.


3. Mindset Monday 2-Minute Tip

  • Don’t feel like reading a full blog post? Prefer a quick audio or video tip? Problem solved!
  • You can find these quick-hit videos in the HAPPIFY Your Health wellness community here and on IGTV here.

itv screenshot
Some people like to sit & read, others like to move & listen. Listen to a 2-minute rundown of my weekly info piece at HAPPIFY Your Health and/or IGTV!


4. Weekly Wednesday Wellness Workshop

  • We do a deeper dive into Monday’s blog post topic, but still under 10 minutes!
  • Come join the live conversation to get your wellness questions answered!
  • Noon CT over in the HAPPIFY Your Health tribe and on Instagram Live + IGTV
  • Feel free to explore all of the replays posted in the above links as well!
Vision IGTV2
When the quick health hacks are helpful, and you leave wanting more, join the live Weekly Wellness Workshop on Wednesdays at Noon CT to get your wellness questions answered! 


5.  Thursday Thrive Round-up Email

  • You’re busy, I get it! How can you remember where to get the goods & when? I got choo, boo.
  • Simply open up your weekly Thursday Thrive email where I’ll give you each helpful nugget concisely organized.
  • Sign for this one-of-a-kind weekly wellness wisdom round-up HERE!
email screenshots
Can’t keep track of where to go for the wellness wisdom & when? Np! Join the free Thrive Thursday email for a concise list of the week’s wellness news. 

6. Daily Instagram Stories

  • There are times for productivity, and there are times for a little inspo escape 📱
  • Any time you need a quick 15-second bite of food, fitness, family or fun, hop on over to @WholeHardy on Instagram!
  • I’m dishing up meal prep tips, #OTF results, yummy salads, #boymomlife, and all things workin to keep livin’ that healthy balanced life ⚖️

    insta shot
    It’s all about the ‘gram! Join me on Instagram @WholeHardy for a behind the scenes look and how I’m striving for that fun, healthy, purpose-driven life! 

There you have it! More options to come, but this should keep you informed & ready to implement in the meantime.

Which option is your personal fave??

Let me know in the comments here or over in the HAPPIFY Your Health Facebook Tribe!
Strive for Thrive – Never Deprive,

PS: Did you know… 

I also offer FREE 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls! I know, I know … so much free goodness! I offer these to help you clarify exactly what it is you want for your health, why it’s important to you, why you may not have it right now, and how to get it. You’ll leave with 2 clear action steps to get started working on your health goals right away. You’ve got nothing to lose! Save your spot here.


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Katie Hardy is a Duke Certified Professional Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, Functional Nutrition Guide, wife, and mommy. As the owner of WholeHardy Health, LLC and founder of the Manage Mindless Eating Method, Hardy helps women reach their health goals in a sustainable way – with a positive mindset & without feeling deprived or hangry. Sign up for a free 30-minute Health & Wellness Breakthrough Call here.

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