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Hey friends! If you subscribe to WholeHardy Health elsewhere, then you may have already heard about the Manage Mindless Eating eCourse + Group Coaching Program — woohoo! Either way, I wanted to formally introduce it to you all here on the blog. I’m really excited about this, y’all!
Back when I was trying to decide what kind of eCourse to create, I shared polls with my social fans, asking what they were having trouble with. More than anything, it seemed like my peeps were struggling with maintaining healthy eating choices consistently so they can crush their health goals, but without feeling deprived or hangry.
Meanwhile, my clients and I were shedding pounds, feeling energized & positive, and not following strict diets … and it was all thanks to the MINDSET TOOLS we created for ourselves.
So, when it came time to decide what kind of eCourse I’d create, I knew that a course about leveraging the power of using your own MIND to optimize your HEALTH is just what my people needed (#MindYourHealth) while also keeping a positive outlook throughout your health journey (#HappifyYourHealth).

But this isn’t just a course about mindful eating. This step-by-step course + group coaching is about pinpointing & controlling the eating habits sabotaging your efforts in becoming your healthiest, most vibrant, thriving self.

You will also learn exactly WHAT you want for your health, WHY you want it, WHY you don’t have it right now, and HOW to get it. You will arm yourself with tools to unleash whenever you feel your motivation or confidence start to fizzle.

I’ve figured out how to use Mindfulness Methods to get maximum results in a sustainable way. Actually, using the strategies that I’ve put into this course, my clients and I are able to feel excited about making smart eating choices, not feel guilt or shame when mindfully choosing the less healthy options we love, and still see transformational results in slimming down, toning up, beating bloat and boosting energy.
The Manage Mindless Eating eCourse + Group Coaching Program isn’t just about losing weight or getting in shape *waves finger menacingly* Nope! It’s about getting the health results that are most important to YOU based on YOUR specific goals & priorities, while still thoroughly enjoying your wellness journey!


You can check out everything that’s in the course right here.

: While the VIP bonuses expired on 5/24, if you join my Instagram & Facebook Live on 5/30 you’ll have another chance to swipe a majorly valuable bonus! Links to these pages here: Instagram / Facebook

Rather watch a short video about the program? You got it! Tap here.

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WholeHardy Integrative Health Coaching include: Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness, Personal Development, Sleep, Stress Management, Spirituality.
Katie Hardy is the owner of WholeHardy Health, LLC and founder of the Manage Mindless Eating eCourse + Group Coaching Program. Hardy helps women reach their health goals in a sustainable way with positive attitudes & without feeling deprived or hangry. She is a Duke-trained Professional Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, Functional Nutrition Guide, wife, and mommy. Sign up for a free 30-minute Wellness Coaching Call here.



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