5 Ways Inner Work Wellness Helps You Make & Save Money

The clear connection between the strength of your health and finances.

Have you ever stopped to think about the ripple effect living well has in other areas of your life? For example, the correlation between your health and finances?

Your immediate desire might be to feel good in your own skin. And when that happens, think about what else gets IGNITED into action!!

  • Amp’d Up Confidence 
  • Increased Energy
  • Greater Productivity 
  • More Creativity 
  • Smarter Decisions

When you design the MOST EFFECTIVE way of EatingMoving, and Thinking for YOU to thrive in this one life you have, it’s not just your shorts that feel better on you, YOU feel better on you!! And in turn, you start putting more love & energy into EVERYTHING you do!


And if you’re trying to stay physically & mentally well while working from home, a great place to start is downloading the free Healthy Work From Home Handbook that gives you 5 work-from-home hack you’re probably not doing.

When you do the Inner Work in the Wellness By Design program, the confidence you create in your body & mind trickles into your WORK life and how you spend & save money! When your mental & physical wellness are functioning optionally, you can see the clean connection between the strength of both your health and finances. Below are just 5 ways Inner Work Wellness helps you make and save money:

5 ways Inner Work Wellness helps you make and save money:

  1. More Energy –> More Productive at Work –> Put on Bigger Projects –> Promotion & Raise –> Making More Money!
  2. More Confidence & Consistency in Your Wellness Routine –> Less Desire to Buy Every New Juice Cleanse or Fitness App –> Saving More Money! 
  3. Happy from the Inside Out –> Less Desire for Retail Therapy –> Saving More Money!
  4. Clearer Mind –> More Creative Ideas –> Selling Items You Make or Have –> Making More Money!
  5. Healthy from the Inside Out –> Less Need for Doctor Visits, Prescriptions, Medical Bills –> Saving More Money!

Break Through Your Health & Money BlockS

In order to burst through the blockages holding you back from feeling confident, energetic, productive or creative so you can make & save those dollars, Inner Work Wellness is hands down the most EFFICIENT place to start. 

The Spring 2020 Cohort will start learning the proprietary Inner Work Wellness M.I.N.D. Model on Monday, April 13 with the 6-Week Wellness By Design Program

If you want to join this group of radiance-bound women, tap here to get all the exciting details about WBD. Last day to join is Sunday, April 12.

Tap here to learn more about Wellness By Design

Questions? Comment below or email directly at hello@wholehardy.com!

Stay Well,
Katie Hardy

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Katie Hardy is the CEO & Founder of the Inner Work Wellness Practice, WholeHardy Health, LLC. Certified by Duke Health in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change, Hardy teaches momentum-seeking working women how to love their bodies WHILE getting healthy, not WHEN they’re healthy. Confidently build & consistently show up for a Whole-Person Wellness Lifestyle based on your personality, schedule and goals – without feeling like a failure.

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