Wellness for Perfectionists: 5 Tips for Enneagram 1s To Stick to a Wellness Routine

Two different people approach the same health plan in two different ways. Wellness for Perfectionists requires integrity with your commitment.

The most frustrating realization for a health-seeking Perfectionist is this: While you can stay disciplined in other areas of your life, you often can’t stay consistent with optimal eating & exercise. When it comes to wellness for Perfectionists specifically, you must channel your strengths of responsibility and attention to detail.

Perfectionists are also referred to as Reformers or Improvers on the Enneagram Personality Typing System. They are Enneagram Type 1 of the 9 types.

Here are 5 ways Enneagram 1s (the Perfectionists) can show up for their health with impeccable consistency.

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Tip #1: Don’t see health as all or nothing

Three mistakes Perfectionists make here is:

  1. If you don’t follow a plan to a T, you tend to stop all together.
  2. You spend too much time criticizing your own progress.
  3. If comparing to others, you’ll go extreme in or extreme out.

Instead: Don’t view wellness as well or nothing. See it as all with edits.

wellness for enneagram 1 health seekers prepare for mistakes

Tip #2: Prepare for mistakes

Here are 3 steps for a Perfectionist Enneagram 1 to embrace a health slip:

Step 1: Admit in advance where you’ll likely fall off track based on previous attempts.

Step 2: You’re a commitment champion. So determine exactly how you’ll respond to the slip, and move forward.

Step 3: Not all wins are a direct steps towards success. A seemingly backwards step can set you up for success for your next move. See your slips as indirect wins on your learning journey.

wellness for perfectionists celebrate the small stuff

Tip #3: Write your wins

Speaking of wins, it’s critical for Perfectionists to celebrate the small stuff. Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. Acknowledging your progress helps you stay principled yet patient with the process (especially processes you’re not super fond of).
  2. Daily self-celebrating helps you forgive yourself for being imperfect. Because “perfect” means something different to everyone.
wellness for enneagram 1 health weight loss fat loss spring break wellness

Tip #4: Unleash your jokester

You: Wait, health can be fun? And hold up, Perfectionist like to have fun??

Me: You bet. Here’s why:

  • Tapping into your playful side while committing to your health makes the process fun rather than making it feel like another chore to complete.
  • Your silly side lets you befriend your inner critic, rather than continue to condemn it.
  • Successfully bringing play into one challenge trains your brain to think this way with other challenges.
wellness for perfectionists enneagram 1 health weight loss fat loss spring break shape up

Tip #5: Get sick gear

Having the latest health stack helps Perfectionists feel prepared, energized, and ready for action. A few examples:

  1. Hydrate Spark PRO Smart Water Bottle
  2. Heated vest for outdoor workouts in chillier seasons
  3. The latest health trackers like Garmin, Polar, FitBit, Oura Ring

Know this: Two different people approach the same health plan in two different ways.

With wellness for Perfectionists, it’s all about attention to detail and integrity with your commitment.

Stay tuned for more Enneagram-based wellness tips for all nine personality types.

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