After 50 Wellness Podcast Episodes: The Top 3 Topics for Health Seekers

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After 50 episodes of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast and reviewing the analytics, I’ve learned what health seekers need help with most.

Here are the top 3 downloaded topics with brief outlines and episode numbers.

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Health Topic #1: How to Bust Out of a Funk

Inside Out Wellness Podcast Episode #2

First, name the feeling and feel the feeling. Then, experiment with these 5 actions:

  1. Help someone else (with no expectations)
  2. Commit to start & finish a project (passion, hobby, or totally random)
  3. Write it out (the longer the better to hit the sweet spot)
  4. Claim an in-the-moment-mantra (two examples you haven’t heard)
  5. Tell someone (anyone)

Health Topic #2: How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

Inside Out Wellness Podcast Episode #14.

Here are the top 5 personality types our health seekers are interested in most:

  1. Perfectionist: Your inner critic prevents you from thriving in health
  2. Helper: You use others’ needs as an excuse to not tend to your own health
  3. Achiever: You’re more comfortable working than healthing yet prioritize vanity
  4. Skeptic: You overthink what to do and how to do it and face analysis paralysis
  5. Challenger: You overdo it, get injured, work through injury, delay recovery

Health Topic #3: Booze, Bloat, and Your Brain

Inside Out Wellness Podcast Episode #43.

Here are just 4 of the endless ways booze destroys your health:

  • Looks (booze dehydrates, bloats, wrinkles, dulls, inflames, dries hair)
  • Weight (eating more when buzzed & hungover, blocks detox processes)
  • Brain (lowers serotonin, increases anxiety, damages brain cells, worsens memory)
  • Stomach (increases stomach acid, prevents you from activities, destroys gut)

Whenever you’re ready, here are 2 ways I can help you:

1. COURSE: If you’re looking for health help at your own pace, I’d recommend starting with an affordable course:

→ Eating Habits Mastery: The 6-week, at-your-pace program to help you Confidently & consistently transform your eating habits so you never have to obsess over what you eat again.

→ Wellness By Design: A 6-Module, step-by-step video training course that
walks you through the 4 Phases of a transformational wellness program. From Whole Person Wellness to Food, Focus, Fitness, Friends, and Family. It all contributes to your health.

2. COACHING: If you’re serious about making health changes and are ready for more personal accountability, I’d recommend Private Wellness Coaching:

→ Mind-Body Breakthrough Session: Feel like you know what to do to get & stay healthy, but you’re having trouble with how to make it your own & stick to it? Book a virtual session with me and be guided through the Duke Integrative Medicine proprietary coaching framework. You’ll leave with two personalized actions to complete within one week.

→ Total Wellness Private Coaching: Work one-on-one with an executive wellness professional, certified in integrative wellness & behavior change to ignite & finally maintain momentum in your health!! Go from “this is a chore” to “hear me roar!”

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