Feeling Bloated with Body Aches or Skin Issues? Treat it from the Inside Out!

If you’re feeling bloated with body aches or skin issues, you need to check your gut health.

I’m really excited about this week’s guest & topic for The Inside Out Wellness Podcast. We have Functional Nutrition Specialist Kira Whitham on the show talking about how what we eat and HOW we eat, 100%, without a doubt, wholeheartedly impacts our inside world, which in turn 100%, without a doubt, wholeheartedly affects our outside world. Feeling bloated? Kira teaches you how to treat it from the inside out!

Now, if you’re like most, you may have let your healthy eating habits slack a little bit this spring, and now leading into summer. Your world was flipped upside down with COVID-19, working from home, making 1,000 meals a day for you & your family. Adapting to ordering food online or spacing out grocery shopping.

And depending on HOW FAR you let those healthy eating habits slide, your gut may be suffering the consequences, and since our gut has been deemed as our second brain, then the gut suffering makes your ENTIRE body & mind suffer the consequences too. 

Whether YOu’re Feeling BLOATed or seeing skin issues, your gut could be the core issue.

Have you ever heard of the term “gut health?” Or have you ever read anything about “healing your gut?” What’s interesting about your gut, is you might BELIEVE what you’re eating is healthy in GENERAL, but it might not be healthy for YOU specifically! 

Unfortunately for many of us, certain foods (even some “healthy” ones) can have unwanted side effects when we consume them. So in today’s session, we’ll ALSO be discussing what a food intolerance might look like, what science has to say about them, and then how to narrow in on the best foods for YOUR individual system.

Functional Nutrition Specialist, Kira Whitham  

Kira Whitham is a Functional Nutrition Specialist who helps women with autoimmune disease simplify their health and take control of their disease. She holds a Master’s in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University, as well as additional training through the School of Applied Functional Medicine, Metabolic Healing Institute, and Institute for Functional Medicine.

Kira combines the principles of holistic nutrition and functional medicine to help people bring their bodies back to their intended state of wellness. She is a firm believer in the healing power of food and helps her clients make empowered choices while gaining an understanding of what nourishes and depletes the body.

I mean WOW guys. If you’ve been contemplating what foods & drinks are helping vs harming you body, mind and LIFE, i think we hit the jackpot with today’s expert.

You are going to feel so inspired to acknowledge & act on your Mind-Body Relationship after listening to and executing on the wisdom from Kira! Quick reminder that you can listen on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, or Stitcher. So many options for your eager ears!

Feeling Bloated & Ready to Treat it? here are the resources from Episode 9.

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