Your Beautifully Ugly Self-Discovery Journey, with Letina Mata: Episode 8 of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast

How to Embrace the Ugly & Find the Beauty Through Your Self-Discovery Journey

We have another HEART-FILLED guest expert today! And we’re going deep into the beautiful, uncomfortable, often ugly, yet wholeheartedly fulfilling self-discovery journey. What does it mean? How do we know we need it? Where to start? It’s all HERE! 

Letina Mata is the CEO of True Growth Caribbean and creator of a personal development tool called the Just For you Journal. Letina is a mother and an introverted sunset & tea lover! Her background in psychology, personal experience, and continued investments in her personal mastery has allowed her to create a framework to help women reframe their beliefs and regain their confidence so that they can achieve their heart-centered goals and visions.

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Letina Mata
CEO & Founder
True Growth Caribbean

2020 Self-Discovery Journey

I don’t know about you guys, but I have been going through some SERIOUS self-discovery over the past few MONTHS!

  • MARCH: Quarantine began
  • APRIL: Back in Episode 2 of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast I mentioned my physical-turned- mental downward spiral in April;
  • MAY: Which was followed by a pretty inspiring & momentum-filled May, where I took what I learned from the gloomy April;
  • JUNE: And NOW, in light of the heightened awareness around the racism our neighbors have been facing their entire lives, and will be fearing for the rest of their lives, and their children’s live …  I have been unexpectedly MOVED y’all. 

I went from completely in the dark to wholeheartedly enlightened and THIRSTY for more knowledge & wisdom. I’ve shared on my Instagram @wholehardy the podcasts I’ve been listening to and books I’ve been reading. 

What About Your 2020 Self-Discovery Journey?

I know I’m only one small spec on this planet, but that’s how it starts guys. I’m up for the challenge to be part of the solution, and I encourage you to do the same! Just start by listening, watching, reading, talking. I can already imagine everything you learn, sparking a light for change in you as well. You’ve gotta do the work to love your neighbor, and love yourself. 

With all of that said, you guys, I’m still a student! In all the things! In knowing more about Black Lives Matter, and Covid-19, and God, and even myself! No one has it all figured out. But it starts with having ourSELVES figured out as much as we can. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Letina Mata’s Self-Discovery Journey

On today’s show, we have guest expert Letina Mata of True Growth Caribbean. Letina is a Mindset Coach who helps women who have experienced trauma regain their confidence to achieve their heart-centered goals. Letina has a POWERFUL story of self-discovery, and will teach you today how to use any negative self-talk you have going on in your mind – any feelings of frustration or feeling lost or unaligned – how to use those thoughts & feelings to your advantage as a starting point for your own beautiful, rollercoaster fun, self-discovery journey.

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