Can You Effectively Combine 2 Nutrition Plans?

January 1 is right around the bend! And you know what that means … time to set our intentions for the New Year, while also cleaning out our innards from all the vino & sugar cookies! What’s the best way to do this? I’ve got 2 of the BEST methods for ya right here, chica boo:

  1. Whole30
    • My recent post on what the Whole30 is will give you all the deets on this phenom of a nutritional reset. It’s a 30 day commit PLUS an extra 10-14 days of carefully reintroducing omitted food groups.
  2. Tone It Up
    • TIU has a complete nutrition package with a dozen different plans (think Bikini Meal Plan, Fall Meal Plan, Wedding Meal Plan, etc.). Karena & Katrina (the boss babes behind TIU) created a NEW NEW Meal Plan that is $FREE.99 called the 5 Day Detox.

I’m so passionately in love with BOTH the Whole30 & the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. How’s a girl to choose which plan to follow this January?! Simple, combine the two. Here’s how:

  • Strictly adhere to the Whole30 guidelines, and incorporate ONLY Whole30 approved foods & ingredients from the Tone It Up 5 Day Detox (and Winter Challenge) Plan.
  • Follow the meal recommendations for Tone It Up 5 Day Detox Plan, but swap out non-Whole30 approved foods with Whole30 foods.

Either way – you’re complying with BOTH plans, which gets us to our #tiuWhole30 combo jam. It’s that simple! To give you some feels on the similarities & differences in these plans, WholeHardy’s got you covered right here, doll face:

    • No added sugar or fake sugar
    • No fried food
    • No alcohol
    • No creamy dressings
    • No dairy
    • No GF treats or GF starches
    • No soda (diet or regular)
    • No frozen dinners
    • Clean out your pantry & fridge!
    • Join a social community for motivation, encouragement, accountability and more!
    • Duration
      • Whole30: 30+ days
      • TIU5DD: 5 days (+ Winter Challenge to follow)
    • Starches
      • Whole30: NONE
      • TIU5DD: None after 3pm
    • Foods:
      • Whole30: No smoothies. No snacks (ideally). No treats. No bars. No peanuts. No carrageenan, MSG or sulfites.
      • TIU5DD: Yes to smoothies. Yes to 2 snacks, Yes to #TIUapproved treats & bars. Peanuts ok.
      • TIU5DD: Detox your life! Clean out the clutter, wipe out the negativity. Focus on the Positivity. Plus a FREE daily fitness routine!
      • Whole30: Sooo many books for guidance & FAQs! Whole30, Whole30 Fast & Easy, Whole30 Day by Day, Food Freedom Forever, It Starts with Food.

So, you down with the combo? Join me and we’ll power through these incredibly healthy & effective plans TOGETHER! Track the journey here: #tiuWhole30 #tiu5DayDetox #Whole30 @WholeHardy.

If we make this January our healthiest yet, who knows how healthy we can make the entire year. It’s all within our power …

Let the countdown begin,


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