Career Game on POINT with these Next Level Podcasts

If you work outside your home, you’ve got a commute. And whether that commute be by car, train, foot or bike, you most likely have access to something audible. While it’s incredibly important to zone out to music or silence when you can, your commute is also the perfect time to {yep, I’m gonna say it} LEARN!

My deep obsession for podcasts originated this past summer, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been listening to a wide variety of shows: from TED Talks to Home Design. From Leadership to Spirituality. From Marketing to Mindful Living.

For my first WholeWork post, I’m sharing with you my fave work-related podcasts. These can speak to you as relevant to your current job, dream job, side hustle or really in any way you feel the connection. And dig into these hosts – as they each offer even MORE helpful content in their blogs, vlogs, books, emails, etc. Let’s get to it:


Coaching for Leaders
Host Dave Stachowiak interviews highly reputable women & men in business, speaking on a range of topics from culture, to accountability, to your personal brand, and so much more. 

How to be Awesome at Your Job
Such a stellar motivational melting pot here. Building your dream network, becoming a great conversationalist, leaving great first impressions, the list goes on.


Goal Digger
Jenna Kutcher is officially my new favorite person. She clearly & effectively explains to you how to get your booty in action with marketing your business. She is simply the bees knees with soooo many free & insanely helpful resources!

Gary Vee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk. Where do I begin. I swear more because of you. I take more risks because of you. I’m a better marketer because of you.


6 Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel was digitally marketing before the term online was upgraded to digital. Before the term new media graduated to social media. Get gets deep into, on so many levels.

You simply will not want to stop listening to Sonia Simone’s soothing voice. And, her quick 15-minute episodes are chalk full of helpful tips on content creation. Eat this one up!


Girl Boss Radio
Be careful. Listening to Sophia Amoruso may cause you to turn your car around on your way to your day job to go start a business of you own. Her interviews will wow you. The discussions she has with such smart, hard-working, determined boss babes will not only inspire you, but also make you air five these incredible femmes.

And with that, tap that podcast app on your phone, type in the search, subscribe as you choose, and go have yourself a kickbooty day of work!

Go get ‘em boss babe,


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