How to Crush Your Goals

Goals. Resolutions. Intentions. Call them what you want, but basically we’re just recognizing that we want something for ourselves.

Trimmer quads. A promotion. A longer run. Communicating with love. While we may list these intentions out, how are we actually tracking our progress on on goals? We must, Must MUST think about & track our goals on the daily if we truly want to reach & crush them. Sound intimidating? Fear not, fellow goal crusher! Here’s a template as a guide to keep by your side:

HOW TO PLAN & TRACK YOUR GOALS: Write down your responses to the below questions.

  1. WHAT is the goal: I want X by Y date
  2. WHY do you want it: So I can Z
  3. HOW will you get it: Each day I will Q

Example 1:

  • WHAT is the goal: I want defined & toned abs, arms & legs by *this specific date*.
  • WHY do you want it: So I can rock swimsuits & tank tops like a boss this summer.
  • HOW will you get it: Each day I will exercise at 6AM. Each Sunday, I will meal prep 2 clean meals and 1 healthy snack for the week ahead. I will only drink 1-2 alcoholic beverages 1-2 nights week.

Example 2:

  • WHAT is the goal: I don’t want to bring my work stress home with me
  • WHY do you want it: So I can be fully present with my family, and not make their joy suffer my by bad attitude, exhaustion and frustrations.
  • HOW will you get it: Every day before I leave work, I will carve out 15 minutes to plan for the next day. By leaving work with a plan for tomorrow, I’ll be less stressed at home.

You have to REMIND yourself of your goals and RE-COMMIT to them EVERY DAMN DAY!

If you’re wondering how to crush your goals, you must: Write them down. Think about them. Visualize them. Say them out loud. Set a #GOALS reminder on your phone that you’ll see every morning when you wake up. This is honestly the ONLY way you will get to where you want to be.

Best part? I’m here to encourage & support you along the way, doll! Hop on over to our free, private, goal crushing Facebook community, post your badass goal, and we’ll all motivate you & hold you accountable!

You can also schedule a FREE 30-minute Goal Crusher Call with me here where we’ll work out a game plan together for you to straight dominate exactly what you want for yourself.

For more deets on a morning “goal digger” practice, see my Miracle Morning post to guide you through this simple yet mega powerful routine.

You’re not a player sis, you just crush a lot,

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