Breaking Bad: Drop Old Habits to Make Room for New Ones

You’ve heard the term, “drop it like a bad habit.” Well, why are so called bad habits so hard to break? Whether it’s the beginning of a new year, new season or new week – it’s all too common that we set intentions, make resolutions, declare goals, only to last a few weeks – orContinue reading “Breaking Bad: Drop Old Habits to Make Room for New Ones”

How to Crush Your Goals

Goals. Resolutions. Intentions. Call them what you want, but basically we’re just recognizing that we want something for ourselves. Trimmer quads. A promotion. A longer run. Communicating with love. While we may list these intentions out, how are we actually tracking our progress on on goals? We must, Must MUST think about & track our goalsContinue reading “How to Crush Your Goals”