The Movement Motivation You Need This Month

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Get Moving This December With Movement By MK

Episode 25 of the Inside Out Wellness Podcast

If you had to choose ONE month out of the year that you exercise the LEAST, which would it be? I’ve got a hunch that it’s DECEMBER. Let’s put that thing down flip it and reverse it with the movement motivation you need this month!

In December 2019, our schedules were filled with travel and shopping and holiday events. Now in December 2020, all out of whack, gyms are closed, we’re not feeling as energized or light or lit or motivated. So December just feels like lose-lose movement month instead of win-win?

Welp, today’s guest on The Inside Out Wellness Podcast is going to straight up CANCEL that mentality for you. 


MaryKate Schmidt of Movement By MK (formerly @froyotofitness) is a firm believer in movement as medicine. Today we get into how your body can legit TRANSFORM based on your PERSPECTIVE OF MOVEMENT!!!

Gone are the days of the dreaded 90-minute elliptical ride (preach!) The shape of the exercise industry has shifted, and your shape will shift too after listening to MK’s smart, simple and oh so chill advice.

MaryKate Schmidt is a NASM certified personal trainer with a love for all things food, fitness, and fun! Learn more about her fitness and weight loss journey, PLUS check out all of her recipes and Zoom classes at

movement by mk

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