Release the Excess: How Letting It Go Will Help You Be Flow.

Episode 17 of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast


What are you holding onto that’s holding you BACK from stepping into the version of you that you truly want to become?

What deep-rooted beliefs, daily thoughts, and persistent reactions have gotten you to where are TODAY … but won’t get you to where you want to BE?

We’re talking about how to let it go and release the EXCESS on today’s podcast episode. Letting go of those beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors so you can actually take your foot off the brake of your progress, rather than feeling like you always have to step on the gas.

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To help you get started, download your free Inner Boss, Outer Balance Starter Kit at This Quarantine Comeback Edition guides you through the prerequisite questions you must answer for yourself so you can begin creating & walking on your very own path to health, happiness, focus, and fulfillment.

I’d LOVE to hear what belief, thought or reaction you’re going to release first! Snapshot this episode and tag me @wholehardy and let me know!

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Katie Hardy
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WholeHardy Health, LLC
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The Inside Out Wellness Podcast

The Inside Out Wellness Podcast

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