The Secret to Ending Emotional Eating: Inside Out Wellness Podcast Episode 005

The exact steps you need to take to stop emotional eating & start living a life of food freeDom.

Quarantine got you eating out of boredom or stress? Feeling shameful, guilty, or regretful about what, why or how you eat? Then this episode is a MUST listen for you. Learn the exact steps you need to take to break out of Food Prison and live a life of Food FREEDOM! 

If this resonates with you, then tune in as Elizabeth Dall from @awomanwellness teaches us the RIGHT way to change our relationship with food. Spoiler –> throw your old RULES out the window and STILL love that one rockin’ body you have!

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Elizabeth has her Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Wellness Coaching. She is the owner of and helps women who are fed up with dieting make peace with food and find love for their bodies.

As such, she is wholeheartedly on board with the Inside Out Wellness Manifesto. She too believes that every woman has the knowledge of what she truly needs deep INSIDE herself. As a result, she affirms that you CAN learn to love your body, heal your relationship with food, and find joy in exercise and movement. 

Above all, Elizabeth and I vibe so hard with so many similar viewpoints & beliefs. I KNOW you’re going to vibe with this episode, too!

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