January 2019 Health Challenge: Make 2019 Your Healthiest Year Yet

stick to your 2019 health goals new year resolutions January health challenge integrative health coach

Slay those 2019 health goals by starting out like a superhuman in Month 1

We start a new year with all good intentions. We dream, we plan, we recruit. But for some reason, we end up falling short, forgetting our intended new year resolutions by mid-February. Why is that?! Studies have shown that reverting back to old habits may be connected to weak accountability. So how can you actually stick to your healthy new year intentions in 2019…?

Join the January 2019 Health Challenge! This 1-month health & wellness reset will help you nix your sugar & carb cravings, get you moving on the daily, and sharpen your mind so you remember WHY you wanted a healthy lifestyle in the first place. You even get a nifty printable January Health Calendar to keep you on track! Here’s what you need to know:

stick to your 2019 health goals new year resolutions January health challenge integrative health coach
Ready to actually STICK to your 2019 health goals? Start your new year STRONG with the accountability & motivation we all need! Join the WholeHardy Health January Challenge here.



  • Start Date: January 1 or 2 (you choose!)
  • End Date: January 31 (or keep going into February!)


  1. Nutrition
  2. Fitness
  3. Mindset


  • In addition to an actual person coaching you through your goals, it’s also helpful to have a printable guide to follow and stay on track. When you sign up for the free January 2019 Health Challenge here, you also get a FREE printable calendar that guides you week-by-week with each recommended health tactic! See image below. 

JANUARY 2019 HEALTH CHALLENGE CALENDAR New Years resolution goals nutrition fitness mindset


  • Week 1
    • Nutrition: Cut Sugar
      • We’re kicking inflammatory added sugar & unnatural packaged/ processed foods to the curb 🍦
    • Fitness: Daily 30
      • You’re gonna move that bod for 30 minutes on the daily, baby 💪 
    • Mindset: 2019 Mantra
      • Choose a 3-to-5 word mantra for 2019, and think on it errry day  💫
  • Week 2
    • Nutrition: Cut Grains
      • Pass on bloat inducing gluten 🥖
    • Fitness: Add Yoga
      • Venture to a class, bust out a DVD or search YouTube! 🧘‍♀️
    • Mindset: Add Affirmations
      • Similar to the mantra, but this time speak aloud who you want to become as if you already ARE ✍🏼
  • Week 3
    • Nutrition: Cut Dairy 
      • Smell ya later, dairy – known to cause bloat & inflammation 🧀
    • Fitness: New Workout
      • Choose an exercise you haven’t tried before! Think outside the box 📦
    • Mindset: Inquiry Talks
      • A focus on mindful, open-ended question conversations 👂 
  • Week 4
    • Nutrition: Fast 2 Days
      • Ever hear of Intermittent Fasting? You’re gonna give it a try. Give your hot bod a break from constantly digesting by limiting your eating hours. ⏱
    • Fitness: Run Twice 
      • Hop on that treadmill or stroll down the block for a refreshing, sweat inducing jog 🏃‍♀️ 
    • Mindset: Mindful Moments
      • We’ll be scheduling in a few minutes a day for Mindful Moments 🧘‍♀️ 
  • Week 5
    • Nutrition: No Alcohol
      • Your mornings are about to be next level by skipping vino the night before 🍷 🚫
    • Fitness: HIIT Workout
      • High Intensity Interval Training turns you into a fat burning, muscle sculpting machine! 🏋🏼‍♀️ Do 2 or 3 HIIT workouts this week.
    • Mindset: Write Your Wins 
      • Close out the month by reflecting on all of your accomplishments … spanning your entire life ✍🏼
new year resolution 2019 health goals integrative health coach January health challenge
The #1 way to be healthy all year? Stay strong all January long! Sign up for the WholeHardy Health Challenge here to receive daily motivation & accountability from a Professional Integrative Health Coach! Learn more about integrative health coaching here.



  • WHY: It’s critical to understand WHY we’ll be focusing on these key areas and WHY we’ll be adding & removing certain things. I’ll be educating you EVERY DAY to help keep you motivated and accountable. Join the Facebook Group to get the daily tactics, tips & reminders.
  • HOW: Here are all of the ways you can receive your daily reminders to stay accountable:
    • Email &/or Text: When you sign up for the January 2019 Challenge, enter your email address &/or phone number and you’ll get daily reminder on WHAT tactic we’re implementing and WHY we’re adding or subtracting that particular thing.
    • Facebook Group: Click here to join the Facebook Group where I’ll be posting each day on WHAT we’ll be workin on, WHY we’re working on it, and HOW you are doing!
    • Instagram DM: Lemme know if Insta chat is easier for you to connect! You can find me on Instagram at @WholeHardy.
    • Facebook Messenger:  You can follow on Facebook at @WholeHardy and we can chat via Messenger if that’s best for ya!


  • Let be real, for optimal results during this January 2019 Health Challenge, you will add on the new tactics of each new week to the previous week’s tactics. But this is YOUR challenge, sister!
    • You can go back to sugar and/or packaged & processed food after Week 1 when we’re omitting gluten in Week 2 OR continue continue to nix sugar & processed junk into Week 2 while also cutting out gluten. Make sense?
    • Can’t stick with one of the Nutrition, Fitness or Mindset tactics the entire week? NBD, doll! Just try it on MOST days that week.
  • I’ll be encouraging you to add on the new tactics each week, but if you want to try one new tactic at a time, you’ll still have gains. Pinky swear.
the 21 day health challenge this November will focus on cleaning up October's treats with nutrition fitness and mindset tactics
Amp up your energy by being more mindful of what you’re choosing to cook, serve and consume. Join the January 2019 Health Challenge here.

You in, my dear? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Let’s do this! You may be thinking, “How is this challenge different from all the other challenges I’ve started and failed?” “What happens if I blow it by Day 3?” “What do I sub for sugar and gluten?!” Fear not, mindful maven. I’ve got answers to those questions specifically:

  1. I’ll be checking in with you PERSONALLY!!! No more sign up and fall into oblivion. I want to know how each and every one of you are doing!
  2. There is no failing. Only LEARNING! If you choose to have a slice of apple pie on Day 3, make peace with your choice, then start fresh the VERY NEXT MEAL. Miss a Daily Movement? Move it the very next day! Didn’t get your Mindful Moments in? Do them in bed before you drift off to sleep! By making it a LEARNING process instead of a failing process, you’re more likely to continue on with the challenge, and beyond.
  3. That’s what my daily tips, tactics and reminders are for! I’ll be providing you with everything you need to stare those cravings & old habits square in the eye and brush ’em to the side like last year’s acid washed jeggings. 

If you’re tired of feeling tired (and puffy, and frustrated) all winter long, then turn your health around right meow by acquiring the new healthy habits in the January 2019 Health Challenge! I’m here for you, doll. Join us!

Lots of Love,

WholeHardy Integrative Health Coaching include: Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness, Personal Development, Sleep, Stress Management, Spirituality.
Katie Hardy is the owner of WholeHardy Health, an Integrative Health Practice. Katie’s coaching helps you define your motivation to be your healthiest, happiest, most confident self. Areas of WholeHardy Integrative Health Coaching include: Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, Personal & Professional Development, Sleep, Stress Management, Relationships & Communication, and Spirituality. Learn more at www.WholeHardy.com/Coaching.


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