Whole30 Hacks: Day 4 of My Whole30 Journey

Whole30 Hacks, Whole30 Journey Day 4
Break your Whole30 early? Don’t give up! Start clean your very next meal. Try two Whole30 meals a day, or four Whole30 days a week.


Considering a Whole30? Wondering how the heck people get through this major nutritional reset?!

In this video, I take you through Day 4 of my September Whole30 Journey. I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful to share Whole30 struggles, wins, fails, victories, frustrations, and knowledge gained so that we can all rock any elimination diet we try.

Click the video below to watch my recap of my September Whole30 Day 4 or find it on my YouTube channel

In this video, you’ll learn Whole30 Hacks such as:

  1. Common feelings in the first few days of your Whole30
  2. What to do if you’re ready to break your Whole30 (or already broke it…)
  3. Where to go for support

Common feelings on the Whole30 Day4 include:

  • Kill All the Things: You may feel hangry and hungover.
  • Solution: Drink water and stay busy.
  • If you break the reset: Don’t throw in the towel! Clean it up & start fresh your very next meal.
  • Instead of saying Whole30 is not for me: Try two Whole30 meals a day. Or four Whole30 days a week. Join our “Food Freedom Groupies” Facebook Group for support at bit.ly/FoodFreedomGroupies. Visit http://www.WholeHardy.com for recipes and accountability. Follow @WholeHardy on all social platforms.

Need some additional nutritional inspo?

Be sure to follow my Instagram Stories @WholeHardy as I take you through each day of my post-Whole30 Food Freedom journey. If you’re looking to clean yourself up from the inside out to generate the energy required to accomplish any goal you desire, click on Health Hacks on the home page at www.WholeHardy.com to sign up for my weekly #HumpDayHacks newsletter. We often lose steam & motivation mid-week, no matter what we’re working on. So this weekly email will remind you of your dreams & ambitions and how to get yourself creating the energy your goals demand from you.

How is everyone else surviving their life after Whole30?

Join our Whole30 Facebook Group for daily inspiration & accountability. Full URL here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FoodFreedomGroupies/.

Whole30, paleo, tone it up approved healthy Moroccan chicken Stew, fall slow cooker meal
Warm up with this Whole30 approved Moroccan Chicken Stew! It’s Whole30 approved, silky smooth, with the perfect hint of spice.

More Whole30 Hacks Here!

Let’s keep each other accountable together! Comment below with any questions, struggles or wins with YOUR Whole30 Journey!

Keepin’ it fresh & full of zest,
Katie Hardy


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