Booze and Bloat: How Alcohol Effects Your Body and Brain

Does booze leave you feeling puffy, foggy, unproductive or sad? It’s time to rethink how you drink.

This week’s episode of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast is dedicated to booze and your body. Because I notice firsthand that when I booze … I bloat. And quite frankly I don’t like it.

But before we dive in, this content is written for the casual imbiber. If you think you may have an over reliance with alcohol, please seek out help via your local church, therapist, AA community, or simply begin with a friend or family member to start getting the professional help you need now.

And now, let’s get into empowered drinking.

booze body bloat alcohol holiday drinking hangover cure bloated dehydrated wine cocktails healthy drinking
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Learn and Live Your Limits

Every *body* is different. While I’ve learned that 1-2 drinks 1-3 times a week is what works best for my body, goals and lifestyle, you may find that you can handle more or less to feel like your awesome self the next day. There are many mornings where I still look puffy and feel reflux-y and unproductive after enjoying just one glass of wine.

I wanted to learn why this happens (beyond basic dehydration) and how I can preemptively combat it (beyond the old “alternate each drink with a glass of water” play). I read this article about booze and your body to collect another country’s perspective on how alcohol effects our bodies, and I’m happy to report that it supports my message for us to better respect and take care of our bodies if we want to *feel awesome* the majority of minutes of our lives.

booze body bloat alcohol holiday drinking hangover cure bloated dehydrated wine cocktails healthy drinking holiday drinking wellness podcast
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How Alcohol Effects Your Looks, Weight, Brain and Stomach

On episode 43 of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast, you’ll hear four (of many) ways that booze affects your body, including:

Surface Level Effects:

  • Your Looks: such as bloating, dry skin, red skin
  • Your Weight: not just from excess calories, but also organ process overload and next-day behavior.

Deeper Level Effects:

  • Your Brain: poor memory, attention and concentration problems, mental health problems like anxiety and depression
  • Your Stomach: gastritis, ulcers, reflux

Note: This isn’t a PSA to stop drinking all together if you’re a casual imbiber. This is a PSA to help you think through what makes you feel awesome, and what makes you feel like garbage.

Are you pouring a glass:

  • To escape an emotion (anger)
  • To flock towards a certain emotion (fun)
  • Out of habit (after work)
  • To fill a void (loneliness)
  • Because everyone else is (might as well)

If you want to feel awesome with your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers this holiday season, and from your own experience you know that too much booze too many days in a row leaves you feeling tired, cranky, bloated, foggy and unproductive … then it’s time to rethink how you drink.

Tune in, take notes, and tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your booze & body takeaways.

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booze body bloat alcohol holiday drinking hangover cure bloated dehydrated wine cocktails healthy drinking

Corporate working mom and side hustling, Duke Health certified wellness coach Katie Hardy is the CEO and founder of WholeHardy Health, LLC. Through her action-provoking content on and The Inside Out Wellness Podcast, Hardy passionately serves up insights on: Empowered Eating, Fitting In Fitness, Mind Care for Normal People, Fun Family Meals… and so much more.

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