Why I Write About Wellness (and Why You Might *Not* Want to Read About It)

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Don’t read health content if you’re not interested making changes.

It might sound counterintuitive to tell you why you might not want to read my wellness articles. But I have a different perspective on why and how you can become your healthiest, happiness and most productive. And it’s likely news you haven’t considered.

So before you join this wellness writing journey with me, here are three types of people who will benefit most from my advice (*backed by 30 years of experimentation and education, multiple certifications in fitness and health coaching, and dozens of client stories and experience).

My wellness advice will help you if you’re:

A Perfectionist who wants to feel comfortable in their own skin

  • There are few things more painful than criticizing and judging yourself in every area of your life.
  • You beat yourself up when you say you want to eat less junk and workout more, but you don’t show up for the plan you created for yourself. This not-doing-what-you-said-you’d-do behavior goes against your very nature, and you desperately want to fix it. With improving your health, you want to be able to forgive yourself for being imperfect.
  • I’ll share guidance on how to become principled but patient with the processes that will get you to your desired wellbeing.

An Achiever who wants to feel proud of their efforts and results

  • The persistent pursuit of coming across as a winner in every area of life can feel exhausting.
  • You’re frustrated that you’re not the fittest, fastest and foodiest of your circles because you’re putting in more research and reps than anyone. This competitive nature may have you wanting to be wholly healthy for the wrong reasons. You love to set health goals, but you don’t want to tie your self-worth them.
  • I’ll share wellness tips that go beyond vanity metrics, instead helping you become known and loved for who you are — not what you’ve accomplished.

A Helper who wants to love themselves as much as they love others

  • How can you fit in fitness, food prep and focus when you’re out saying yes to everyone else’s requests?
  • Prioritizing other people’s problems and emotions push your own health to the side. You know what to do to get healthier, but you can’t take action until everyone else is ok. You want to feel happy and secure but with boundaries.
  • I’ll share how the healthiest helpers adapt to changing circumstances and still fulfill their wellness commitments.

If any of these three personality types strike a chord with you, welcome to your path to wellness transformation. I’ll be here with health help on the daily.

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