Overcome Your Most Frustrating Health Challenges with this 5 Step Blueprint to Reaching Your Biggest, Boldest Health Goals

Defeat that villain inside you that’s killing your healthy vibe! Here’s how to slay it & thrive in health for the long haul. 

5 Step Blueprint

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If you’re sick of starting a new nutrition or fitness plan every Monday only to lose steam by Thursday, or if you’re frustrated about what it will take to keep you motivated to get & stay healthy in the long run, you’re on the right blog.

No matter the time of year, upcoming event, or new number on the scale, you DO get motivated to up level your health! #WINNING! And while you may start out guns blazing, why is it that your motivation starts to fizzle fo sizzle weeks or even days in??

  • Is it because you’re not seeing immediate results?
  • Is it because the goal you had in mind seems way out of your league?
  • Is it because life just keeps getting the way? 

It can be many – if not not ALL – of these reasons. So what’s it gonna take to stick to your biggest health goals? I’ve got the answer, and lucky for you, it’s not rocket science. 


What follows is your very own 5 Step Blueprint to my Defeat Your Action Killer Health & Wellness Method ⚡️

Download your 5 Step Blueprint worksheet here so you can follow along with the video!

This Method helps you first identify, then defeat the motivation killers blocking you in reaching your biggest, boldest, most desired health goals, so you can stick to your wellness plan & THRIVE as a confident health hero! (…and might I add, without completely giving up pizza, pino noir or pistachio gelato 🍕 🍷 🍨  )

In this video you’ll learn: 

  1. What the Defeat Your Action Killer health method is
  2. Why I created & optimized it specifically for health-seeking moms who are sick of losing steam during their journey to their desired wellness status
  3. My 5 Step Blueprint to overcoming your roadblocks in reaching your biggest, boldest health goals. Get your accompanying worksheet here.
  4. An invitation to a FREE Health Obstacle Breakthrough Call to get clear on your vision of health, pinpoint your personal action killers, and set specific action steps to get you started on your road to health hero status.

What if you could actually remember exactly WHAT it is you want for your health & what’s DRIVING you to want it instead of just “wanting more energy” or “losing 10 pounds?” No, honey! We need to get WAY more specific than that if you TRULY want to succeed in becoming your optimal vision of health! 

What if you knew EXACTLY what gets in the way of you accomplishing your health & wellness goals so that next time it blocks you, you just stare it straight in the face and push it to the side. 

If the only thing you get out of this live video is clarity on the five steps to conquer your health & wellness goals, then take those & run with them on your own! I want you to succeed! ‍🌟 


  1. Download the 5 Step Blueprint here & watch the video explanation below or here!
  2. When you’re done, comment below or tag/message me on Instagram or Facebook @WholeHardy with what you found your biggest motivation killer to be!

Getting clear on what you want for your personal health & wellness takes intention & dedication. 

Running on autopilot won’t get you where you want to be.

Follow the 5 Steps in the worksheet. Then, if you’d like a little bit more guidance on locking these 5 Steps down so you can thrive confidently in health, hit me up at hello@wholehardy.com or tap here to schedule your free Health Obstacle Breakthrough Session.

Let’s figure out your Action Killers together so we can slay them & get you to conquer that health & wellness quest you’ve been on for YEARS! 

It’s your time,
Coach Katie

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WholeHardy Integrative Health Coaching include: Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness, Personal Development, Sleep, Stress Management, Spirituality.
WholeHardy Health, LLC is an Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Practice, helping you identify & defeat your motivation killers so you can thrive confidently in every aspect of life. Tap here to learn more about the WholeHardy Coaching Method. And tap here to schedule your FREE Health Obstacle Breakthrough Call.

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