Client Success Stories

See how change is possible with the right mindset!

Kelly lost 10 pounds going through WholeHardy’s 1:1 wellness coaching program. She’s now wearing dresses she’s avoided in her closet for years!


From frantic doubter to 10 lbs down & calmer

Alicia took up running again & became more mindful of her post-work eating & work-travel celebrating habits after several 1:1 sessions with Katie. She’s down 5 lbs and is encouraged to keep going!

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From nightly snacker to 5 lbs down & making fitness fun!

Lauren felt discouraged after months of not working out consistently after her first child. She’s since registered for a 5K, is motivated & training consistently, and has cleaned up her diet significantly to fuel her runs! She’s lost 10 pounds so far and looser fitting jeans are a new win, too!


From Couch to 5K + Down 10 lbs!

Erin lost 15 pounds following WholeHardy’s modified nutrition guidelines. She and her husband now make healthier choices together & feel more energized!


Small modifications. Big wins!

Maria went from a size 34 to a size 28 jeans in a few short weeks through the fitness & nutrition program was Katie was coaching. Maria also doubled the number of push-ups she could do in one minute!


Jeans size down. Push up reps up!

Stephanie was able to zip up her pre-baby skinny jeans after Katie’s nutrition & fitness program coaching. She also cut down her mile run time & increased her plank hold time!


Pre-Baby Skinny Jeans? Zipped!

Thanks to Katie’s tips & check-ins, Kristin stopped her late-night snacking & started waking up before her kids to ride her Peloton bike & make healthy breakfasts. She stuck to her new healthy habits and lost several pounds quickly!

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Early bird sheds the weight!