Let’s Talk About YOU!

  1. Are you a small business who may not have the time or budget to market your offerings full-time?
  2. Have you tried some marketing tactics on your own but never quite met your goals or accomplished the results you had hoped?
  3. Would it help you to reach your business goals if you had a dedicated marketer who could deliver quality results without having to be a full-time employee of your company?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

As a marketer with more than 15 years experience in the communications field, I made the leap and left corporate life to start my own marketing consultancy. My clients, spanning many industries, included State Farm, Underwriters Laboratories, Dow Chemical, Breyers, McDonald’s, and Intel. I’ve worked for leading agencies including Interpublic Group, Omnicom Media Group and Publicis Media Groupe, and also major corporations such as Fifth Third, Tribune Media Group, and Panasonic Healthcare.

Working as a marketing contractor, I help small businesses craft their stories, deliver their messages, and secure strong brand equity to ultimately recruit & continuously delight your loyal customers.

  • Defined marketing goals
  • Clear marketing roadmap of strategies & tactics
  • Consistent presence across social media channels
  • Continuous lead generation through smart email marketing
  • Impactful content for your web site
  • Increased awareness through paid and earned media

These are all results that will stem from our collaboration.

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Let’s craft your story, deliver your message, & secure strong brand equity by recruiting & continuously delighting your loyal customers.

The great Abraham Hicks once said, “Don’t talk yourself out of wanting something just because you haven’t figured out how to get it yet.” I am here to help you figure it all out – what you want, what your business needs, what your market segments are, what your customers desire, and what will guide them to purchase your offerings.

Through our collaboration you will receive:

  1. Clearly defined marketing goals.
  2. A customized marketing plan built specifically for your company.
  3. Continuous media presence and lead generation through smart marketing tactics.

Are you in need of a seasoned digital communications professional who truly understands your business & wholeheartedly wants you to WIN? If so, let’s do this!

Contact me at and we’ll schedule a discussion to talk though your needs. Whether you’re need a full-blown marketing strategy, a social media manager, blog posts or email copy – this conversation to help us determine how I will solve your business problems.

Stakes are high, competition is tough, and time is running out to reach those business goals you DESERVE. If not now, WHEN? I’m here for you & your brand. Let’s do this TOGETHER.

Keep your marketing fresh & full of zest,


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Contact me at to talk through your business needs & marketing goals.

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