Breaking Bad: Drop the Habits Sabotaging Your Goals

You’ve heard the term, “drop it like a bad habit.” Well, why are so called bad habits so hard to break?

Whether it’s the beginning of a new year, new season or new week – it’s all too common that we set intentions, make resolutions, declare goals, only to last a few weeks – or even a few days! Is it that we just can’t stick to something new, or are our current habits not allowing us to create new ones?

Breaking Bad: Drop those bad habits sabotaging your goals.
Breaking Bad: Drop those bad habits sabotaging your goals.

If you read my post on setting & crushing your goals, you know it’s crucial to re-commit to that new intention of yours EDD (every damn day, to those hip to the game). There’s a reason for that. In fact, there’s SCIENCE behind it! And it’s majorly effective & relatable.

I recently listened to a podcast titled something along the lines of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Habits,” and it was the PERFECT backup I needed for this one-month-into-the-New-Year post. Now stick with me here because we’re about to visualize …

Picture your brain like a forest. So much goin’ on in there, right? Let’s say you see a path to a cacao tree, and it’s really well traveled – by you. You’ve taken this path so often, there’s no longer grass. Just dirt. You’ve walked down this dirt road so many times, that when you arrive at the cacao tree, you forget how you even GOT there! Your “automatic brain” (a real thing) steered your behavior. This is very similar to driving or commuting to & from work errrry day. Your brain is now programmed to do certain things that you’ve completely trained it to do, whether you’re conscious of it or not. That smart brain of yours craves EFFICIENCY and is actually HELPING you remember to do the things you like to do.

But what if you DON’T like something that you’ve trained your brain to do? What if you want to alter your well-beaten path (like consuming junk on the daily) & take the path less traveled (consuming clean greens on the regs)? Can your road to cacao heaven ever be filled with luscious green grass again? Why yes, yes it can. And you probably have an inkling on what you need to do to fill up & leave that grassy knoll and discover a new, healthier path.

Habits train your brain.
Habits can train your brain to do whatever you want or don’t want it to do.

If you have a habit that is simply not suitable to your goals, that is simply not aiding you in your path to success, that is in fact DERAILING you from your dreams – follow these simple steps:

  1. Write down the habit you want to drop
  2. Write down how you’ve acquired this debilitating habit
  3. Write down why it’s sabotaging you reaching your goals
  4. Write down exactly what you’ll do INSTEAD when your brain reminds you to do the bad habit again.

Here are two easily relatable examples:


  • Habit to Drop: Eating ice cream after dinner every night.
  • How it Started: You bought a new flavor of gelato, you love it, you figured it’s only a few bites a night, but sometimes you lose track of how many bites you’ve had.
  • Why it’s Sabotaging Your Goals: It’s extra calories you don’t need, and it’s right before bed, and you’re trying to slim down so you’re more confidentle in your own skin. So, there’s really no point in eating it EVERY NIGHT, but maybe once a week.
  • What You’ll do Instead: Make tea, get out of the kitchen, read a book, phone a friend, brush your teeth, so many options.


  • Habit to Drop: Allowing others’ negative energy kill your positive vibe & bring you down.
  • How it Started: Possibly at work, all will be going well, but then perhaps a negative coworker complains, or another department blames your team for something, or your boss puts you down in an email.
  • Why it’s Sabotaging Your Goals: You want to be a #bossbabe, and you won’t let anyone get in your way. Losing your cool & your momentum won’t get you to that next level any sooner.
  • What You’ll do Instead: Take a deep breath, count to five, smile. In that order. This positive pause will remind you who you are, and who you aren’t. Breath to drop the stress, count to calm your mind, smile to remember that you’re on top – knowing that positivity always wins.
Don't let office drama kill your positive vibes
Don’t let others’ negative attitudes bring down your positive vibes.

You see, I can easily tell you “do this, not that.” Or you can easily read an article telling you “eat this, not that.” But simply listening to or reading this information will get you nowhere unless you PAVE THE WAY IN YOUR BRAIN.

Take some time to think clearly about each habit that may be getting in the way of your DREAMS.

Right when you’re about to do something you know in your heart isn’t getting you where you want to be, consider the points above and how you can map your brain in a different direction.

Have any unfavorable habits you’re working on breaking? Comment below & let us know! You’ve got a squad of support here.

Drop it like it’s hot,

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Progress not perfection. Take the steps to healthier habits at your own pace.
Every step towards healthier habits, is a step towards a healthier life.

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