The Best Meal Prep Meals for Your Busy Workweek

Meal prep isn’t always easy. Having already-made healthy lunches for the workweek sounds awesome, but it can be hard mapping out each recipe, detailing your grocery list, finding time to cook it all – especially during our precious weekends! But having made-ahead, whole food meals, pre-chopped veggies and cooked protein are ESSENTIAL to following a... Continue Reading →

#Goals: The Secret to Keeping & Crushing Them

Goals. Resolutions. Intentions. Call them what you want, but basically we’re just recognizing that we want something for ourselves. Trimmer quads. A promotion. A longer run. Communicating with love. While we may list these intentions out, how are we actually tracking our progress on on goals? We must, Must MUST think about & track our goals... Continue Reading →

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